Grade Policy and Explanation

  • Categories

    The grades for this course are divided into four categories: Assignments, Tests, Benchmarks, and Final Exam. Assignments include classwork and homework and represent 10% of your grade. Tests include the four unit tests and represents 40% of your grade. Benchmarks are short quizzes and represents 30% of your grade. The Final Exam is the comprehensive district test taken at the end of the semester and represents 20% of your grade.

    This means that 90% of your grade comes from some sort of test or quiz while only 10% of your grade comes from homework. It is important to prepare for and pass all the tests!


    Each benchmark quiz can be taken a total of three times.  The first attempt will usually be during class time. If you need to retake benchmarks to improve your score you must take those during my office hours. Unit tests may be retaken one time. The highest grade possible for a unit test retake is a C. The final exam cannot be retaken and so it is important to be prepared for that test the day it is given.

    Improving your Grade

    The key to improving your grade is increasing your percentage in one or more categories. Just doing more assignments or taking another test will not guarantee that your grade will improve. For example, if your test average is 70% after taking two tests, then in order for your grade to improve you must score higher than a 70% on the third test. The only way for your grade to go up is by improving your scores on tests and assignments-- not just doing more of them.

    Benchmark Grade Scale

    Benchmarks are graded on a percentage with the following general guidelines:

    100% Work is shown and correct. Answer is correct. Precise and clear.

    90% Work is shown and correct. Answer is incorrect due to very minor mistake.

    70% Work has some mistakes. Student is on right track.

    50% Work is wrong. Student is not proficient in this concept.

    0% Did not take the benchmark.

    When students retake a benchmark the highest grade they have been able to achieve is always kept. Benchmarks will be returned to students after being graded and they can bring them in for help.