Fashion & Interior Design

  • The Fashion and Interior Design industry sector is a multibillion-dollar enterprise offering a wide variety of careers. Highly sophisticated, it involves market research, brand licensing and intellectual property rights, design, materials engineering, product manufacturing, marketing, and distribution. According to the California Fashion Association, a particularly high demand exists for preproduction jobs involving computerized pattern making and product data management for larger companies. Contributing to the growth in the fashion industry’s gross sales is a global focus on the Los Angeles lifestyle involving, for example, apparel, textiles, home furnishings, and furniture; the growing use of international sourcing; and the development of new technologies. And in the interior design industry, employment has been projected to grow by 12 percent through 2012 as demand rises for the interior design of private homes, offices, restaurants, facilities that care for the elderly, and a variety of retail establishments.

    This industry sector includes two interrelated pathways—(1) Fashion Design, Manufacturing, and Merchandising; and (2) Interior Design, Furnishings, and Maintenance. Each pathway consists of a coherent sequence of courses that begins with a foundation course, continues through one or more concentration courses, and concludes with a capstone course. Secondary-level instruction in high schools and regional occupational centers and programs is articulated with postsecondary educational programs in private training schools, community colleges, and four-year colleges and universities.


    (with high school diploma)
    Sales Associates
    Assistant Store Manager
    Showroom Assistant
    Design Assistant
    Sales Representative
    Trade Intern
    Set Decorator
    Floral Designers
    Merchandise Displayers
    Window Trimmers
    Pattern Designer
    Fashion Coordinator
    (with AA or AS degree or certificate)
    Fashion Illustrator
    Visual Merchandiser
    Fashion Buyer
    CAD Specialist
    Facility and Space Planner
    Assistant Designer
    Costume Designer
    Textile Designer
    Drapery/Upholstery Estimator

    (with BA or BS degree)
    Fashion Designer
    Fashion Journalist
    Fashion Forecaster
    Fashion Merchandise Manager
    Interior Designer
    Ergonomic Consultant
    Lighting Specialist


    Programs / Courses

    Fashions & Fabrics 1 Fashions & Fabrics 2 Fashions & Fabrics 3 Textile Arts