Caps and Gowns Class of 2019

  • Mt. Whitney High School Class of 2019


    Jostens representative will be on campus from 8:00am-3:30pm on Thursday, Oct. 10th in the S12 to accept Cap and Gown orders.  Students are excused to place their orders during English classes.  Cash, checks, and credit cards will be accepted.  If student(s) are absent on Thursday, Oct. 10th to place cap and gown orders, he/she has three options to place an order:


    1. Asking a friend or family member to place the order for an absent senior in order to take advantage of Jostens Special for that day only. 


    1. He/she may visit Jostens local office at 1222 W Murray Ave. PRIOR to Thursday, 10/10 in order to take advantage of Jostens Special offered on Oct. 23rd.  Call for hours. 


    1. He/she may go online to or call (800) 567-8367.



    NOTE:  Purchase of a Cap & Gown is NOT required for the graduation ceremony.  If you would prefer to borrow a loaner from the school for the ceremony, please notify Jostens when you place your order.  An order is still required even if you are planning to use a loaner.


    Call JOSTENS (559-627-4375)