My Resources

  • Dictionaires et Vocabulaire - This tool not translate entire entire sentences. By clicking on "conjugate", the different forms of the verb will be displayed.
    Use short words and look in the forum for suggestions on expressions.

    Dictionaire Larousse - One of the best dictionaries available with synonyms and quotes. Search for words in Spanish, French and many other languages.

    ARTFL Project - A bit more advanced than WordReference, but a powerful tool.

    Audio/Visual Dictionaries: - Choose a language and a theme. Use the mouse to listen to the pronunciations. 

    Conjugaisons (verb forms in different tenses): - Type a word and click on "conjuguer."

    Verbix - Same concept as the other sites.

    Grammaire française:

     Tex's French Grammar University of Texas at Austin offers excellent explanations in English and French. - Grammar explanations and examples in basic language.