Integrated Math 3

  • Places to look for videos to help you review:
    • Khan Academy
    • Purple Math
    • My Secret Math Tutor
    • Prof Rob Bob
    CAPS #1  OTI
    • Slope-Intercept form vs Standard form vs Point-Slope form
    • Find the equation of line given two points
    CAPS #2   OTI
    • Graphing Piece-Wise functions
    • Graphing Step functions
    • Graphing Absolute Value
    CAPS #3   OTI
    • Solve a system by Elimination mathbff video or Substitution mathbff video
    • Solve a system by Graphing
    • Solve a system of Inequalities video
    • Use optimization to find the max or min of linear programming video
    CAPS #4 great resource  or video for long division  great resource or video for synthetic division
    • Adding and Subtracting Polynomials
    • Multiplying Polynomials
    • Dividing Polynomials using Long Division
    • Dividing Polynomials using Synthetic Division
    CAPS # 5
    • Polynomial Functions and their graphs
      • Describe end behavior
      • Determine if it is an odd or even degree
      • State the number of Real Zeros
    • Given a Polynomial function
      • Graphing by using a t-table
      • State the consecutive values of which the zeros are between
      • State the relative max and min
    CAPS # 6     great resource
    • Square and Cube Root Functions and their graphs
      • State the domain and range
      • From a graph state the equation
      • From an equation, graph the function
      • Describe the translation from parent to shifted graph
    CAPS # 7     great resource
    • Radical Expressions and Equations
      • Solve an equation that contains radicals
      • Simplify an expression that has rational exponents
    CAPS # 8     Math BFF from the homework calendar
    • Logarithms and Logarithmic Functions
      • Graph a Logarithmic function
      • Condense an equation containing two logs and solve
      • Know and apply the five properties of logs