Parent Involvement - How do I get involved, as a parent, to be a part of my child's experience i

In many ways our success as a program is based on how well we can incorporate our parents. Our students feel valued by how much effort our parent team can put forth to make choir an unforgettable experience. 


1. Feel free to call the Office phone or email Mr. Howard with any direct questions. 

2. Update your Charms account with Email and Phone Number.

            * This is the largest way that Mr. Howard will communicate needs for parent help.    * Refer to the Choir Handbook for directions on how to navigate Charms.

3. Sign up for Remind.

            * This is the Choir's mass texting service that will give updates and reminders.

4. Do not be afraid to volunteer before being asked.

5. Ask your child what they have been learning in class and when the next event occur frequently.