Kindergarten Song List

    1. Wheels on the Bus- Dora the Explorer
    2. This Is The Way We Go To School- The Kiboomers
    3. Months of the Year- Billy Gorilly
    4. Hokey Pokey
    5. If You're Happy and You Know It- Dora the Explorer
    6. Old MacDonald Had a Farm- Pamela Conn (Wee Sing Animals)
    7. Five Little Ducks- Pamela Conn (Wee Sing Animals)
    8. Five Little Monkeys- Go Fish
    9. I Know an Old Lady Who Swallowed a Fly- Larry N. Swenson
    10. Hot Potato- The Wiggles
    11. The "And" Song- Heidi Butkus
    12. The "Go" Song- Heidi Butkus
    13. The Letter C- ABC Mouse
    14. Chicken Dance
    15. I am a Pizza
    16. Five Little Pumpkins- The Learning Station
    17. Witches Brew
    18. Looking For Dracula- Charlotte Diamond
    19. Punky Pumpkin- Rosemary Clooney
    20. The Letter H- ABC Mouse
    21. The "Is" Song- Heidi Butkus
    22. The "On" Song- Heidi Butkus
    23. Down By the Bay- Kidsongs
    24. Jingle Bells
    25. Must Be Santa- Raffi
    26. Santa Claus is Coming to Town- Loretta Lynn
    27. We Wish You a Merry Christmas- The Chipmunks
    28. Feliz Navidad (Glee Cast Version)- Glee Cast
    29. Up on the Housetop
    30. Rudolph the Red-Nosed Reindeer- Gene Autry