Agricultural Bioscience and Technology

    Agricultural and Bio Science Academy
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    Visalia Technical Early College High School
    2245 S. Linwood
    Visalia, CA 93277
    (559) 622-3212
    Principal: William Davis

    Academy Introduction

    At Visalia Technical Early College (VTEC) High School, students will have the opportunity to learn applied agricultural sciences; Animal and Veterinary science, Ag Business Management, and Ag Systems Technology. All students must be willing to enroll into COS their freshman year and take the placement exam. Each student will have the opportunity to take COS classes each year. 


    At VTEC, classroom academics are always combined with hands on, project-based learning that takes place on our newly remodeled 35 acre Ag farm campus.  We support our students with our “Zero’s Not Accepted” policy structure to make sure students work is completed with rigorous expectation.   In partnership with our Advisory Board, VTEC has created a school environment where students explore career related skills within a relevant environment on and off campus. We are the school, “Where Agriculture Meets Academics.” 


    Careers in Agricultural Bioscience & Technology

    Animal Scientists/Animal Breeders
    Husbandry and Animal Care Workers
    Zoologists and Wildlife Biologists
    Crop and Livestock Managers
    Farm Equipment Mechanics
    Sheet Metal Workers
    Welders, Cutters and Welder Fitters
    Agricultural Engineers
    Soil and Plant Scientists
    Nursery and Greenhouse Managers
    Pesticide Handlers, Sprayers and Applicators
    Food Service Managers
    Dairyman, Dairy Processing Managers
    Food Scientists


    Career Themed Courses 

    Animal Science
    Livestock Biology
    Veterinary Terminology
    Animal Production
    Agriscience System Management
    Agriculture Computer Applications
    Agriculture Sales and Services
    Agriculture Business Issues
    Agriculture Systems 1
    Agriculture Systems 2
    Agriculture Systems 3
    Agriculture Systems 4
    Plant and Crop Science
    Advanced Environmental Horticulture 

    Work Based Learning Experiences

    Student Internships
    COS Work Experience
    Dairy Processing Plant Workers
    Nursery Workers
    Job Placement Opportunities
    Farm Technician Positions
    Forklift Certifications
    PBL Projects