Visalia Tennis Invitational 2020



    Format/Rules/Expectations for the Visalia Tennis Invitational - March 13/14, 2020

    Two Divisions will be played.  Division 1 has eight teams while there are sixteen teams for Division 2.  status


    There will be six different tournaments being played at three sites.  Redwood will be the site for both A and B Singles (1st through 4th Singles) for Division 1.  El Diamante will be the site for Division 2 A singles (1st & 2nd Singles).  Golden West will be the site for Division 2 B Singles (3rd and 4th Singles) Mt. Whitney will be the site for doubles for both divisions.  All three Division 1 tournaments will be a draw of sixteen with no byes.  All Division 2 tournaments will be a draw of thirty-two with no byes.  Expect approximately two hours between the first match played and the second round of the winner's bracket.  As always, there is a lot of waiting in the early rounds, but as the tournament progresses, there will be times when the fifteen-minute rest between matches will need to be enforced.  

    Whichever players play in the first scheduled match, those players must be the ones to play for the duration of Friday’s tournament.  There will be no substitutes during or after the first scheduled match.  Although discouraged, replacements of non-seeded players will be allowed upon reporting.  Sometimes this requires shuffling players between the sites and all three tournament site brackets must be adjusted.  Site directors will be equipped with Sharpies™ to make such adjustments.  Last-minute unforeseen events happen, but please make every attempt to contact Russ Brown before Friday, March 13th to make changes to what would have been submitted Monday, March 9th.  Please be courteous to all other participants in making last-minute substitutions.  The strength of doubles teams originally submitted may only be marginally increased when making a change.  Site directors may reject pairings subject to approval by the tournament director.

    The first round and rounds 2 & 3 on the championship side of the bracket will be 8 game pro-sets, no-ad scoring, and tiebreak at 8 games all.  The semi-finals, finals, and the 3rd place matches will switch to regular ad scoring.  Site directors will make clear what is being played.  All consolation rounds BEFORE the consolation final are 8 game pro-sets, no ad.  The consolation final will switch to regular ad scoring.  These match formats are printed at the top of each site bracket as reminders. 


    The design of the tournament is to guarantee all players at least two matches.  As has happened in the past, a first-round default, which is not treated as a bye, may result in the benefactor of the default only playing one match if he/they lose the next match.  If possible, an exhibition will be arranged against another team out of the tournament, subject to availability of courts.  Any slot achieved via a default will count as a win and points will be given for that slot.

    The start times, other than 10 AM, are goals that may not be achieved.  If we do get too far behind the posted times, late matches may be moved to Redwood and Mt. Whitney because of the lights at those locations.  With daylight savings time, it is doubtful this will be an issue.  Your players are expected to be present and ready to play when called upon.  A player/team is entitled to a maximum of 15 minutes between matches, and this will undoubtedly be more for early rounds.  A player/team may waive their right to the full 15 minutes.

    All requested t-shirts for Division 1 will be available at the Redwood site upon arrival.  All Division 2 t-shirts will be at the Mt. Whitney site.  It is preferred that a coach pick them up, but shirts will be issued to represented agents.  The shirt has been upgraded this year at the expense of our pizza lunch.  There will be no food offered this year.  Next year, the entry fee MAY be raised to $300 and food will be offered once again, but not this year.



    Points achieved and accumulated from Friday’s tournaments will be used to produce groupings of four teams each arranged into “Tiers.”  The 1st Tier in each division, or top four points earners, will play in a winner vs winner, loser vs loser tournament with the double-winner crowned the team champion.  Only the members of this overall championship team will get individual medals.  The winning team in Tiers II in Division 1, and Tiers II – IV in Division 2 will take home an acrylic trophy to commemorate their school’s achievement.  The five sites used for Saturday will be Redwood, El Diamante, Mt. Whitney, Golden West, and Exeter.  The sites for each tier will be determined by the placement of the Visalia teams and Exeter, and starting times will be determined by the placement within the tiers of each team.  It may become necessary to adjust the placement of the host teams in order to have coverage for each site.  Please be flexible if asked to move one direction or another in Tier placement.  Every effort will be made to adhere to the placement dictated by Friday’s results.  Your team will either start at 10 AM or 11:30 AM.  The Mt. Whitney site alone will play a 2 SINGLES, 3 DOUBLES FORMAT in order to utilize their 10 courts.  The match format will be TWO OUT OF THREE SETS, NO AD SCORING, (TIEBREAK FIRST TO 10, WIN BY 2 FOR THE THIRD SET). There will be eight teams stationed at Mt. Whitney.  Which two tiers are played at Mt. Whitney, again, will be determined by the placement of the host teams.  ALL OTHER NON-MT. WHITNEY SITES WILL PLAY THE 4 SINGLES – 2 DOUBLES format.   Score sheets will be provided that have the 4 - 2 format on one side, 2 - 3 on the other.

    An issue that sometimes comes up is that two teams on the border of tiers may have the same score.  For example, there may be two teams tied with the fourth-highest points.  Which one is Tier I and which one is Tier II?  There, to date, is no tiebreak for this.  The parties involved will be questioned as to preference, then it may come down to a coin flip. 

    For those playing the 4 - 2 format, if the score ends up 3 - 3, sets won will be the first tiebreaker, then games won will be counted, and if still tied, the winner of the #1 singles will be the prevailing team.


    • USTA Rules will be utilized
    • Although no ladder will be turned in, it is expected that each coach has one that will be consistently implemented during the two-day event. The four singles players used, in order, on Friday cannot play in a different order (singles) during the team competition Saturday.  It is understood that some teams may use their #1 player in doubles on Friday.  Teams are on their honor to use such a player as their #1 player when making lineups for Saturday.  The established #1 player may only play 1st singles or 1st doubles during Saturday’s team competition.  When combining ladder positions, the lowest total must be the #1 team.  If there is a tie, as long as the #1 player is not involved, either doubles team can play either position.  If the #1 player is used in 1st doubles, his and his partner’s combined total still must be lower or equal to the 2nd doubles combined total.


    This document is subject to change, hopefully with notice.  If further clarification is sought, let me know, and if changes to the above are needed, I will update the information.


    Russ Brown

    VTI Director

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