Computer Science

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    Computer Science
     Comp Sci
    Mt Whitney High School
    900 S. Conyer
    Visalia, CA 93277
    Principal: Rick Hamilton
    “If you can create technology, you can change the world” - Susan Wojcicki, SVP, Google
    Academy Introduction

    The Academy of Computer Science at Mt. Whitney High School will provide the opportunity for students to learn how to create new technologies, not simply use them.  Computer science focuses on software design and development, making sense of code and learning different programming languages.  Computer science also develops computational and critical thinking skills necessary for success for life after high school, regardless of the field or occupation.  According to, computer science is a top paying college degree and computer programming jobs are growing at a rate two times the national average.  Keep in mind that software jobs are not just in the tech industry, such as Google, Apple, Microsoft, Facebook, etc. In fact, almost two-thirds of software jobs are outside of the tech industry, such as banking, government, medicine, entertainment, etc. Students graduating from the Academy of Computer Science will be prepared to take the next step to a career in technology such as software developer, web developer, database administrator, or security analyst, among many others.



    Careers in Computer Science

    Computer Software Engineer
    Software Developer
    Web Master
    Project Manager
    Computer Support Specialist
    Network Systems Analyst
    Computer Programmer
    Web Developer
    Database Administrator
    Computer Systems Analyst
    Information Security Analyst
    Computer Network Architect


    Career Themed Courses

    Exploring Computer Science
    Web Design
    AP Computer Science
    Introduction to Relational Databases


    Unique Work Based Learning Experiences

    Students of the Academy of Computer Science will have the opportunity to:


    • create applications and games using various programming languages
    • design high quality interactive web pages
    • take various field trips in order to experience the industry first-hand
    • to listen to guest speakers from the technology industry
    • experience internships within the technology industry
    • construct and program robots