Adult Basic Education



    Adult Basic Education classes are offered to students with skills below the high school level.  Students may also enroll in these classes for basic skills review in the event they have been absent from an education setting for an extended period of time.  This program can lead to preparation for the high school diploma program, employ-ability, or career advancement.


    Basic Language Arts - Basic instruction will cover reading writing skills including vocabulary development, word analysis, reading comprehension, and writing conventions. Students will learn basic grammar rules and apply them in writing assignments.

    Basic Math - Beginning - Basic math instructors will cover whole numbers, fractions, decimals and percent skills.

    Basic Math - Intermediate/Advanced - Instructors will cover more advanced math skills including measurement, formulas, equations and proportion.

             HOW DO I ENROLL?

            Step 1       Register Online here.

            Step 2       Take placement test if necessary

            Step 3       Meet with a counselor to select best option for your path.