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    Redwood High School

    1001 W. Main Street
        Visalia, Ca 93291

    Principal: Matt Shin

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    Academy Introduction

    The Redwood High School Law and Justice Academy seeks to improve students’ reading, writing, critical thinking, and speaking skills through an intensive academic curriculum that uses the law—its origins, purpose, use, and significant historical cases—as a framework to develop well-rounded, self-aware, community conscious and proactive citizens. The Law Academy’s highlights include:

    • Strengthen our students’ academic foundation—We will improve our students’ ability to read for comprehension; to efficiently and appropriately conduct research and provide documentation and to be academically responsible.
    • Develop our students’ ability to critically analyze social issues—We will rigorously interrogate historical events to build our knowledge of cause and effect. We will critique and analyze literature to deepen our understanding of the underlying messages of significant authors of law.
    • Build our students’ capabilities as public persons—We will encourage, coach, and guide our students to become effective and confident speakers in public.



    Careers in Law & Justice

    Law Clerk
    Chief Executive Officer for the Court
    Court Services Analyst
    Corporate Counsel
    Court Reporter
    Title Examiner
    Probation Officer
    Court Interpreter
    Legal Translator


    Career Themed Courses

    Foundations of Law
    Criminal Justice
    Constitutional Law
    Ethics and Law


    Work Based Learning Experiences

    Guest Speaker
    Industry Job Shadowing
    Industry Partnership Projects
    Industry Contests
    Mentor Days
    Project Based Learning Activities
    Field Study Tours