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Our Core Beliefs and Commitments

We believe and are committed to

All students can achieve at high levels and demonstrate continuous growth

  • Providing high-quality learning experiences that allow all students to reach their fullest potential
  • Equipping students and staff with the educational tools necessary for achievement and growth

Family and community engagement is key to student success

  • Providing families and community members pathways of connectivity to the education system
  • Facilitating timely and consistent communication to position families to participate in their students’ learning experiences

Learning environments should be safe, supportive, and innovative

  • Creating physical and social-emotional safety in all learning environments
  • Providing all students the academic and social supports needed to be successful
  • Designing learning environments that drive innovative practices to improve student outcomes
  • Ensuring all students are known by their name, welcomed each day, and connected to meaningful activities

Visalia Unified School District’s Commitment to Student Learning

The Board of Education has adopted Beliefs and Commitments (hyperlink reference the AR Beliefs and Commitments) about how students learn; the conditions that best promote learning; and the policies, management systems, and culture that further the commitment and high performance of adults to ensure high quality learning outcomes for our students.

We believe:

  • All students can achieve at high levels and demonstrate continuous growth
  • Family and community engagement is key to student success
  • Learning environments should be safe, supportive, and innovative

Therefore, the Board of Education directs the Superintendent to continually improve processes and systems, rooted in research and guided by data, that result in positive transformational student outcomes.

To ensure a strong foundation for all learners the Board of Education directs consistency in the following areas: balanced models of instruction and assessment; grade appropriate, standards-based instruction focused on authentic student engagement; aligned high-quality, board approved resources; and research-based systems of support.

The Board of Education recognizes that all students are unique and are entitled to receive instruction that results in improved student learning outcomes, and positions them for success on local and state accountability measures.

The Board believes in empowering teachers and staff, through Professional Learning Communities, to make instructional decisions within established guidelines to meet the different needs of each student.

In order to achieve student success, the Board recognizes that our district must have a high quality, professionally trained workforce. A system of accountability, including coaching and feedback cycles, is necessary for staff growth, development, and retention. Decisions on hiring and staffing allocations are based on data, including student outcomes.

The Board directs procurement and an equitable allocation of resources, facilities, staffing, and programs, that results in a positive academic return on investment.

The Board expects that systems and processes are developed to facilitate pathways of connectivity from the classroom to the home and cultivate two-way communication with our families and community. Offices and schools will be welcoming and accessible to ensure students, staff, and families experience a sense of safety, significance and belonging.

The Board declares that these actions must occur to ensure the success of each and every student in Visalia Unified School District.