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Conversation with a Board Member


Locations for the Fall 2023

All events occur from 5:30 PM - 6:30 PM.  We will provide the following:  light snacks, childcare, and interpretation services.

Location Date Board Member(s) Present
La Joya Middle School Wednesday, October 25th Jacqueline A. Gaebe, Clerk
Ivanhoe Elementary Thursday, October 26th Paul Belt, Board Member
Goshen Elementary Monday, October 30th Todd Oto, Ed.D. and Randy Villegas, Ph.D., Board Members
Green Acres Middle School Thursday, November 2nd Walta Gamoian, President
Ridgeview Middle School Monday, November 6th Todd Oto, Ed.D. and Randy Villegas, Ph.D., Board Members
Valley Oak Middle School Thursday, November 9th Joy Naylor, Todd Oto, Ed.D., and Paul Belt, Board Members
Divisadero Middle School Monday, November 13th Megan Casebeer-Soleno, Esq., and Joy Naylor, Board Members


The Purpose

Our School Board is committed to providing families and community members pathways of connectivity to the education system.  Although the Board holds monthly formal business meetings, they would also like to engage in direct conversation with the public. 

Therefore, the school board has developed their "Conversation with a Board Member" series.  In this format, board members can engage in direct conversation with the community to exchange thoughts, ideas, listen and learn from students, staff, parents, families, and the community around school or district level topics.  Your voice matters.  

If you have a specific concern regarding your student, please work with your student's school site.  

Submitting Questions and/or Topics

Questions and/or topics can be submitted two ways:

  • Online via this quick survey: (Needs to be 48 hours prior to event)
  • The day of the "Conversation with a Board Member" we will also gather questions and/or topics.

The Format

  • Introduction of Board Member(s) and Conversation Overview (5 Minutes)
  • Board Member(s) Updates on Current District Topics (15 Minutes)
  • Community Voice - Question and Discussion (35 Minutes)
  • Closing (5 Minutes)