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Budget Services and Staff

Budget Services and Staff

Budget staff are primarily responsible for:

  • Assisting departments with the development of their annual budgets
  • Revising the budget based on changes in the educational needs of the sites and programs
  • Monitoring revenues and expenditures to compare actual amounts with estimates
  • Making recommendations and changes based on actual revenues and expenditures
  • Monitoring changes in the State budget process
  • Providing Interim Financial Reports to the Board and oversight agencies
  • Ensuring program and site budgets stay within their allocation

Nathan Hernandez (559) 931-8070

Chief Business Officer, Business Services



J. Villarreal

Jessica Villarreal Ext. 10402

Director, Business Services, Budget Department - Coordination of Analyst assignments, preparation of the District budget document, Budget Adoption, Interim Reporting, maintaining the Chart of Accounts, and providing budget analysis to assist with informed decision-making that supports student success.


Lisa Garcia

Lisa Garcia        Ext. 10403

Budget Analyst   –  Adult Education, Special Education, Medical Administrative Activities (MAA), Dept. of Rehab -We Can Work, Learning Recovery, Special Friends, Low Performing Student Block Grant, Alternate Dispute Resolution, LEA Medi-Cal Billing Option.


In Recruitment 

Budget Analyst  - Unrestricted General Fund programs (Lottery, Regular education salaries), Elementary and Secondary School Emergency Relief Fund (ESSER),  Expanded Learning Opportunity Funds (ELO), Governor’s Emergency Education Relief Fund, Education Protection Account (EPA), Learning Loss Mitigation, Art, Music & Instructional Materials Grant, CSESAP Summer Assistance Program, Donation Deposits, Mini-Grants, Property Loss Insurance Claims, STRS on Behalf, and Mandated Cost claims.       

Daniel Jimenez

Daniel Jimenez Ext 10405  

Budget Analyst  - Lottery VPIE Vocational Education, Transportation, Perkins, Preschool, Pre-K Grants, Art, Media, Entertainments Workforce Training Program, Career Tech Ed (CTE), Agricultural Vocational Ed, Business & Finance Academy, A-G Access Success Grant, A-G Learning Loss Mitigation, Homeless Grant, First Five, Sobrato Early Academic Language (SEAL), Child Care & Development Fund.  


Lindsey Peyton Ext. 10407

Budget Analyst  – Local Control Accountability Plan (LCAP), Title I Basic Grants, Title II Supporting Effective Instruction and Comprehensive Literacy State Development (CLSD), Title III Immigrant Student Program and English Learner Student Program, Title IV Student Support & Academic Enrichment, American Indian Education, American Rescue Plan Homeless Children & Youth, Educator Effectiveness Block Grant (EEBG), ESSA Comp Support Improvement, Art, Music & Instructional Materials Grant.


Helen T

Helen Tapia       Ext. 10408

Budget Analyst  –  Local Control Funding Formula (LCFF) Site Base Unrestricted Allocations, Expanded Learning Opportunities Program (ELO-P),CSEA Professional Development Grant, HEART, After School Education & Safety (ASES), Classified Teacher Credentialing Program (CTC), Ethnic Studies Grant, Dual Language immersion Grant, Kitchen Infrastructure & Training (KIT), Student Nutritional Services Fund, Self-Insurance Fund.   



Trudy Kalchik - Budget Technician

Trudy Kalchik   Ext. 10406

Budget Analyst – Tyler Budget Training, Unrestricted Programs Ops II Grounds & Custodial, Unrestricted Programs Ops 1 Maintenance, ESSER III Facilities, Ongoing & Major Maintenance, Developer Fees, Utility – Electricity (Energy Savings), Building Fund, Capital Facilities Funds, New Construction & Modernization, Bond Measures, Non-Treasury Debt Service COP, Tulare County Hispanic Leadership Network (TCHLN), Textbooks, Technology Replacement, Equipment Replacement, Visalia Civic Authority, Four Creeks Café, Stadiums.


Budget Department Main Line: 559-931-8082

Click the link below for a complete listing of resources and programs assigned to each of the individuals above.

2022-2023 Budget Analyst Assignments, Rev. 03-27-23