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The information below is provided to give budget managers and budget processors guidance and instruction.  If you have questions that are not answered in the documents below or under our FAQ tab, please call or email the Budget Department.  Refer to the Budget Services tab for a list of Budget Department staff and current budget assignments.  We welcome suggestions for additional content on this page that others might find helpful.  If you have a suggestion, please contact Trudy Kalchik at (559) 931-8082 or


A list of frequently used school acronyms

Appropriate Use of Funds Guide

A guide to uses and restrictions for Title I, LCAP and LCFF Site Base allocations.

Budget Manual rev 12-09-22

A printable copy of our 2022-2023 Budget Manual.

Expenses Paid in Arrears

Not every expenditure is immediately reflected in Tyler's Account Central.  Certain expenses are paid in arrears and should, therefore, be tracked manually to ensure funds are available when payment is due.  This document explains which expenses are paid in arrears and best practices for tracking them.

Food Purchase Policy 22-23

The overarching guidelines for food purchases for our District.  First and foremost, we are here for the education of children.  It is our hope that all of our district budgets and resources should be used in the most efficient manner to that end.

Frequently Used Site Budget Codes

A single page, easy to read guide to commonly used site budget codes.

Gifts of Public Funds

Fiscal Crisis and Management Assistance Team (FCMAT) Powerpoint presentation regarding gifts of public funds from CASBO's 2018 Annual Conference & California School Business Expo.

Object Code Guide rev 11/18/22

A list of commonly used object codes with descriptions

School Finance Terms

A glossary of common school finance terms

Standardized Account Code Structure - SACS

Visalia Unified School District's SACS binder

Title I Expenditures Allowable Chart

 A guide to allowable and non-allowable Title I expenditures. 

Understanding Segments of a Budget Line

A guide to reading and understanding budget lines.