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Frequently Asked Questions34

When will the annual 1099s be ready?   Your 1099 will be mailed to your mailing address on file no later than January 31, 2021.  Please contact HRD with address changes prior to January 15th in order for you to get it promptly.  If you misplace or don’t receive your 1099 Form in the mail, you may request a copy after February 5th.   

How long does it take to process my travel claim?   You can refer to our APY processing calendar on this page.  Providing you have all the proper back-up documentation attached, you should receive a check within 2 weeks of submission.

What is the current travel reimbursement rate?  

The IRS has announced the standard mileage rate of


cents per mile for 2021 (down from 57.5¢  for 2020). VUSD employees are reimbursed at this rate for all authorized travel involving the use of the employee’s personal vehicle.

I don't have a copy of a PO, can you send me one?   You need to contact the Purchasing Dept. for a copy. Call Justien at X8179.          What is the SRTS (Service Request Tracking System) and how can I submit a ticket for services on the SRTS?   The SRTS provides a Web based method of requesting Administrative Services within the District.  Each department which takes requests for service through the SRTS has a Service Request button on their department web page.  You also may click here to submit a ticket for Accounting/Payroll service.