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Q)  How do I obtain public information?

A)  See the "Public Records Act Request" tab.

Q)  Can I request an internal audit?

A)  The tasks of this department are generally established by the administrative services department, but we are available at any time to research an area of concern. The request will be processed through this department in conjunction with the approval of the Assistant Superintendent of Administrative Services. Any areas of concern, irregularities, or suspected non-compliance or fraud, should be brought to the attention of the internal auditor. 

Q)  Whom should I contact if I need to know a specific District policy or procedure?

A)  Please contact the internal auditor. Most District policies are well documented in our Board Policy or Administrative Regulations. Procedures are documented by various means throughout the various departments. The internal auditor can research the policies and procedures and direct you to District records, or to the Education Code, or other applicable laws or regulations. If our District needs to implement specific procedures, the internal audit department can assist in drafting the procedural steps.