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The department utilizes centralized purchasing procedures. The department is involved in ordering all needed school supplies, equipment and services.  Staff members also bid and coordinate construction projects, bid and coordinate deferred maintenance projects, Federal ERATE grant application processing, maintain district contracts, e-commerce purchasing procedures, service provider proposals, informal quotes and CAL CARD/VISA purchasing procedures.

The goal of the Purchasing Department is to procure quality products and services at the lowest price possible.  Every effort is made to ensure school sites and departments get the most, in quantity and quality, for their budget dollars.

This department provides services to meet all District student and staff member needs.  Purchasing staff is responsible for the following:

  • Request for Quote Practices                     
  • E-Commerce Purchasing
  • Cal-Card/VISA Purchasing                        
  • Bidding Procedures
  • Public Works (Construction) Projects          
  • ERATE Application
  • Assist in Multiple Facilities Projects            
  • Processes
  • Piggyback Purchasing Procedures              
  • Contract Management
  • Contract Development                              
  • Record Retention
  • Standard Classroom Furniture Listings Vendor Relations
  • Following Commodity Market Trends          
  • Inventory Control
  • Record Retention                                     
  • Disposal of Surplus Property
  • Asset Management                                   
  • Security Service Coordination
  • Deferred Maintenance Planning                  
  • Deferred Maintenance Scheduling
  • California Uniform Public Construction Cost Accounting Act Procedures