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Google Account Transfer and Backup Instructions


  Congratulations graduates!  

IMPORTANT: All Google ( accounts for graduating or non-returning students will be suspended 6 months after graduation or exiting. If you'd like to transfer or backup your email or documents, you must do so before the 6 month period expires. Read below for more details and instructions. 

   If you are a graduating or non-returning student and would like to transfer your Google email or documents to a personal Google account, or if you would like to backup the data to a flash drive or computer, follow the steps below:  

To transfer your school Google data to a personal Google account, you'll need to create a personal Google account first. To do so, click here and follow the steps: Once your personal account is active, log into your school ( account and then click here to start the transfer process: Click here for step-by-step instructions from Google:  

If you'd like to backup your data to a flash drive or directly to a home computer, log into your school ( account and then click here to open the Google Takeout tool: Once you're on the Takeout page, click "Next", then "Create archive". Once the archive has been created, click "Download" to save the archive. You must download the data once the archive has been created. For more information and step-by-step instructions from Google on this process, click here:  

It is your responsibility to transfer your data if you will not be returning to a VUSD school next year.    If you have any questions or have trouble transferring or backing up your data, please email our Google support team at