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Supplementary Retirement Plan (SRP)


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About the SRP Plan

We are excited to announce that the Visalia Unified School District (VSUD) is offering a one-time voluntary retirement incentive plan for eligible employees for the 2023-24 school year. On January 16, 2024, the board unanimously approved a resolution authorizing a Supplementary Retirement Plan (SRP) administered by Public Agency Retirement Services (PARS).

The Supplementary Retirement Plan (SRP) is a retirement incentive plan. The District shall make contributions into the participant’s 403(b) annuity held at Pacific Life Insurance Company. The sum of the contributions shall equal 75% of Final Pay and may be contributed over a period of time as elected by the participant.



Contact PARS at:
Phone: (800) 731-7884


Plan Summary

Plan Summary

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About the Public Agency Retirement Services (PARS)

The Public Agency Retirement Services (PARS), founded in 1984, has designed and delivered over 1,100 individually customized solutions that have cumulatively saved over 600 public agency clients hundreds of million of dollars. They established the VUSD pension and other post employment benefits and trust accounts, as well as the alternate to the Social Security retirement system for part-time VUSD employees. In 2009, they completed this Supplementary Retirement Plan (SRP) for VUSD employees to assist the district in balancing the budget during recent economic downturns.

Frequently Asked Questions

Board of Education Presentation (01/16/24)