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Guest Teacher Resources

EDJOIN for Guest Teachers
EDJOIN is the online application software used for the hiring process of all vacant positions.

Guest Teacher Handbook
The Guest teacher Handbook can be referenced for more information related to VUSD's Guest Teacher services.

Sites for Teachers
A directory of over 1,100 education-based web sites.

Teachers First
Providing support to teachers of all experience levels, this website features podcasts of best practices, k12 lesson and unit plans, ideas for incorporating the latest technologies into the classroom, and links to other online resources.

Teachers Network
Lesson plans, podcasts, and a variety of resources for new teachers and veterans.

Teacher Vision
This K12 website includes over 12,000 pages of classroom-ready lesson plans and printable quizzes and worksheets. In addition, there are resources for classroom management and assessment.

The Gateway
Created and maintained by the US Department of Education to help teachers find the online resources they need.