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Services and Responsibilites of Planning & Construction Department include but are not limited to...

  • Submit site projects to California Department of Education for approval
  • Submit site projects to Office of Public School Constructon for review and approval
  • Submit site project funding forms to the Office of Public School Construction for funding.
  • Work with the Department of Toxic Substance Control for site approval of a toxic free project.
  • Work and collaborate with various Architects and Consultants.
  • Work with school personnel and contractors on various projects.
  • Approve all pay applications for construction projects.
  • Approve all construction invoices.
  • Scope, cost and schedule management of projects.
  • Review testing companies proposals and schedules.
  • Analyze Inspector's proposals and documentation.
  • Determine the scope and cost estimates on all projects.
  • Estimate timelines and manage schedules.
  • Collaborate with City personnel on various projects.