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Frequently Asked Questions - Grounds

Question 1: Help! We have ants!


You can call us at 730-7590 and then follow up with a STS ticket. Please provide the school site where the pest problem is along with the exact location.  We will then forward this information to our exterminator and will notify you when they  will be servicing your site. If a spray i sneeded, a posting will be faxed over to your site.  This needs to be posted prior to spraying.

Question 2 : How can we get someone out here to repair a broken sprinkler?


You can call us at 730-7590 but will need to follow up with a STS ticket. Make sure that you have given us the location where the problem is.  We will be out to repair it as soon as we possibly can.

Question 3 : Can we get someone out here to take care of a big limb that just fell?


Please call in any fallen tree limb that you consider a safety hazard and then follow up with a STS. Depending on the size and location (how high) a tree service may need to be called.

Question 4 : How can we get our site grounds equipment repaired?


You can bring it into Operations, making sure that it is labeled, showing site and problem with equipment.  You can also request that we pick up equipment by submitting an SRTS ticket.

 What is the SRTS (Service Request Tracking System) and how can I submit a ticket for services on the SRTS?

The SRTS provides a Web based method of requesting Administrative Services within the District.  Each department which takes requests for service through the SRTS has a Service Request button on their department web page.  You also may click here to submit a ticket for service.  Here is a SRTS User Training Guide (PowerPoint Presentation) you can view on how to use the SRTS.