Attendance Policy


    ATTENTION SENIORS: Senior Attendance Policy 

    Attendance Requirement for Participation in High School Commencement Ceremony Visalia Unified School District has a 94% attendance policy that must be met during the senior year for participation in commencement ceremonies. 
    1. Students must be in class at least 94 percent of the periods during their senior year of high school to participate in commencement ceremonies.  94 percent is determined by a total of days and periods missed.

    2. This is not an excused/unexcused absence policy; it is an attendance policy.  

    The type of absence does not matter with the following exceptions:
    a.  doctor appointments or a doctor mandated stay at home
    b. subpoenas to court
    c. funeral of an immediate family member
    d.  approved and completed furlough
    e.  participation in a school activity
    f.   pre-approved college visits

    3. It is the student’s responsibility to bring verification from the doctor or court for an exception; otherwise the absence will count against the policy.  Verification must be supplied within three school days following the absence.

    4. Saturday School attendance (all four hours) may clear an absence.  Banking of Saturday School credit is NOT allowed.