Associated Student Body


    The government of the Golden West High School Associated Student Body is vested in
    the following:

    ASB Officers:  President, Vice -President, Secretary, Treasurer, Rally Commissioner, and Publicity Commissioner,
    Class Officers: President, Vice President, Secretary, Treasurer and Senior Class President

    Elected student leaders make a commitment of time and effort to their fellow students at
    Golden West High School. Elections take place in the Fall for 9th graders and in spring
    for the reminder of the student body. Candidates are expected to have a cumulative 3.0
    grade point average at the time of the election and must maintain that GPA to remain in
    office. Officers must also adhere to the Golden West Code of Ethics/Participation as
    outlined in the ASB VUSD student conduct code.

    Officers will be expected to enroll in the ASB Leadership class. Priority for enrollment in
    the Leadership class will be given to Junior and Senior students. Being an ASB officer
    is a position of service, which requires students to make a wholehearted effort to work
    for the good of the school.

    As an ASB officer or elected honoree, students are expected to uphold the highest
    standards of conduct when representing the school. Should a student elected or
    appointed to represent the school violate school rules, policies, or the district conduct
    code while representing the school, the principal and designees may remove the
    student from his/her elected office or honor.