Dance Guidelines

  • United Student Association of Visalia (USAV)


    Dance Guidelines

    Student leaders in USAV worked to find solutions to issues of student dance conduct as
    it impacts student safety and inappropriate dance behavior in our school district. This
    proposal will create a consistent plan across high school sites for the handling of the
    consequences for inappropriate dance behavior and will eliminate/reduce disruption of
    dance activities as a result of the action of some students.
    * Must be Standing Up
    * No laying on the floor
    * No dancing/standing/moving around on all fours
    * Both feet must be on the ground – break dancing excluded from this rule
    * No Groping or Inappropriate Touching
    * No touching someone below the waist with your hands.
    * Touching the waist is ok
    * No rubbing or “bumping and grinding”
    * No Bending Over
    * No bending in a 90° angle, no hands on the floor, no head below the waist
    * No Hurting Others – or dancing that could potentially hurt others
    * No jumping on other people
    * No mosh pits

    Violation of Dance Rules will result in removal from the school dance and notification to
    the parent. Repeat violations may result in the loss of privilege to attend schoolsponsored
    dances for the remainder of the current school year.

    Formal Dance Dress Code (ie: Winter Formal / Prom)

    1. Dresses may not be cut below the bust line.
    2. Dresses may be backless as long as they are not cut below the naval.
    3. Midriffs will not be exposed. (This includes both front and side.)
    4. Dresses may not have a slit that exceeds mid-thigh.
    5. No cover-ups (coats, shawls, sweaters) will be allowed over dresses that do
    not meet dress code.
    6. Pinning and Fabric Inserts No pinning will be allowed as an alteration for a
    dress if without the pins the dress does not meet dress code.
    7. Fabric inserts must be sewn, not pinned on the dress, if without the inserts
    the dress does not meet dress code.


    1. Tuxedos, suits, dress jackets and slacks, or formal western cut pants with dress jackets
    are permitted.
    2. Blue jeans are not acceptable attire.
    3. Shirts with collars must be worn with a tie.
    4. Appropriate shoes are required. No steel-toed boots, combat boots, or Athletic shoes
    are to be worn.
    5. Hats may be worn for pictures only. They may not be worn inside the dance.
    While we will be reasonable in our interpretation of these guidelines, we want you to know that
    you will not be allowed into the dance if you are dressed inappropriately.
    Refunds will not be given for dress code violations
    Most importantly, this dress code does not limit your ability to show your style and uniqueness.

    Dance Guest Pass

    Dance Clearance Forms for any non GWHS students, must be turned in two (2) days prior to
    the event.