• What is XL

    Sequoia High school has successfully been able to have the Expanded Learning program as part of the Pro-Youth/HEART after- school programs since 2014. The program features both enrichment and recreational aspects and provides a safe environment for students to explore and develop their hidden talents.    

    Sequoia's XL program if offered in the mornings before school starts, during the afternoon lunch and right after school from 3:10PM to 6:00PM Monday-Friday. Students can enjoy a variety of programs and can sign themselves in and out as they please. Transportation home is provided by VUSD transportation if needed.

    Working with the students is Site Director Adriana Cabrera and three support staff who plan and develop an ever-expanding list of activities for students to choose from.

    All these programs listed will help students gain elective credits. Sequoia XL gives students more opportunities after school to catch up on elective credits. Each 10 hours a student stays participating in a program will earn them 1 credit towards their elective credits. Along with elective credits, seniors can make up their attendance after school so they can obtain their 94% that will grant them eligibility to walk during our graduation ceremony.



Degrees and Certifications: