“From the community, to the Boardroom, to each classroom we will create futures for every Visalia Unified student.”

    ~Superintendent Kirk Shrum


Superintendent's Message

  • Hello VUSD Community,

    I am proud to serve as your Superintendent, and I am grateful to the Board of Education for their selection and appointment. From the moment I first learned about Visalia, I was drawn to the community and the work of the District.  VUSD is a community that values education and believes in creating futures for all students. Since I first stepped foot in the community, I felt welcomed and at home. This year, I look forward to listening and learning with you as we move VUSD forward together.

    Since I can remember, I wanted to be a teacher. I come from a family of educators. My mom taught 1st grade her entire career. I saw the impact she and others had on kids and knew that teaching was the career for me. I stepped into my first classroom in January 1997, after graduating college, to teach a second-grade class in an urban school in Chattanooga, Tennessee. I was the third teacher for the class that school year, and I quickly learned that the opportunities I had experienced as a child were not available to all kids. That realization fueled my drive to be the best educator I could be. As I became a school and district administrator, I saw the impact policies and systems have on creating the conditions to ensure all students have opportunities and access, and that all schools provide a solid foundation. It is vital we create a system where every individual student and employee feels that they belong and have access to the instruction and supports necessary to be successful. That is the work that I am committed to advancing.

    During the 2022-2023 school year we will focus on four priorities to guide our work: Be Ready, Be Present, Be Successful, and Be Connected.

    Be Ready: All students and staff are ready to learn and work at high levels, and there is clarity about what we teach, how we support, and how we monitor student progress for growth and improvement.

    Be Present: We will continue to focus on strong attendance for students and staff.

    Be Successful: Focused Instructional Leadership Teams and Professional Learning Communities will facilitate student learning. District support will be aligned, so there is consistency and fidelity of practice across the District with our core instruction. Each student will receive the best first instruction on a daily basis in a supportive, safe, and secure learning environment.

    Be Connected: Every student is known by name and every student and staff member feels they belong. The “One Visalia Connected” initiative will focus on connecting every student to a meaningful activity.

    I am excited to be part of this wonderful community and school district. I believe in, I belong in, I am VUSD!

    Kirk Shrum
    Visalia Unified School District


Superintendent's Entry Plan

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