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    In Visalia Unified, our mission is to provide students with an education that affords them limitless opportunities for the future. Every child deserves an education that allows him or her to take a powerful first step into adult life: Our goal is to make sure that every one of our graduates leaves school ready to enter work in a position that allows for advancement or ready to enter college without the need for remediation.  To do this, we provide an education which is strong in English, math, science, history, and relevant elective courses.  But these are just the foundation for our program, for we also develop a strong set of 21st century skills: 

    • Critical thinking
    • Communication
    • Collaboration
    • Creativity
    • Civic-mindedness

    These qualities separate a student who has been schooled from one who has truly been educated and is able to succeed in the modern world and workplace.

    Students learn best in an environment that is caring and encouraging. We understand that supporting the highest levels of academic achievement means providing students a learning environment that is safe and that fosters significance and belonging.  Student culture is an important part of our organization, and we provide many opportunities for students to connect with schools and peers.  We have strong co- and extra-curricular programs and exceptional performing arts and athletics programs.  The foundation for all of these things is a strong student-teacher mentoring relationship.

    It is an honor to serve as the Superintendent of Visalia Unified School District.  I appreciate and value that you send your most precious asset—your child—to our schools.  I encourage you to review our beliefs statement to understand how we will work to provide your child the best possible education and you with the best possible experience in our schools.  I also encourage you to work closely with the staff at your child’s school--a strong connection among student, teacher, and parent is an unequalled recipe for success.

    Todd Oto, Ed.D.

    Todd Oto, Ed.D.


    Delia Smart

    Delia Smart
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    Monica Andrew

    Monica Andrew
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