• Elbow Creek HOWL Behavior Expectations Matrix

      Playground Bathroom Cafeteria Classroom Library Office Dismissal Assemblies Hallways

    Have Self-Control

    Keep hands and feet to yourself

    Be aware of your surroundings

    Freeze at bell and listen for whistle

    Walk on the black top.

    Leave equipment outside

    Use a quiet voice

    Wait your turn to use the bathroom

    Walk in quietly in ABC order

    Wait patiently

    Keep hands and feet to yourself

    Use inside voice

    Keep hands and feet to yourself

    Raise your hand to speak

    Use a quiet voice

    Use materials appropriately

    Keep shelves neat

    Use a quiet voice

    Line up in designated area

    Wait your turn to check out books and take AR quiz

    Enter and walk in quietly

    Wait patiently for assistance

    Sit silently and appropriately

    Walk directly to your line

    Line up orderly

    Keep hands, feet, and property to yourself

    Walk in quietly

    Wait for instructions

    Keep hands and feet to yourself

    Be aware of others

    Hold on to your belongings


    Be On Task

    Follow playground rules and have fun

    Use the bathroom/get a drink

    Line up promptly

    Be active

    Take care of personal needs

    Wash your hands with soap

    Put paper towels in the trash

    Enjoy your own food

    Throw away trash, compost, and recycle

    Clean up your area

    Walk to the playground

    Use full-body listening

    Actively participate

    Follow directions the first time

    Use shelf markers to find a book

    Focus on the speaker

    Ask for help

    Complete your work

    Only visit office/nurse with a pass

    Follow directions

    Check in/out with office staff

    Wait and listen for directions

    Be on time

    Be aware of your surroundings

    Show full-body listening

    Stay seated

    Avoid interrupting

    Listen and follow directions

    Be in the right place at the right time


    Work to Achieve

    Strive to make friends

    Put away equipment

    Line up quietly for your teacher

    Be a good sport

    Get in and get out

    Use assigned restroom

    Return to class quickly

    Raise your hand for help

    Choose at least three items

    Use your time wisely

    Be ready to learn

    Always do your best to complete your work

    Ask questions

    Be a positive  part of your team

    Work toward your AR goals

    Read at your AR reading level

    Turn in all books on time

    Work quietly on all assignments/tasks

    Return to class ready to learn

    Wait in designated areas

    Save snacks for home

    On bus stay seated and use seatbelts

    Be attentive and alert

    Celebrate the success of others

    Go directly to your destination

    Walk with a purpose


    Lead and be Respectful

    Take turns

    Stop, walk, talk

    Eat in Snack Spot

    Throw your trash away

    Respect privacy

    Keep it clean

    Report problems to adult

    Use your manners

    Respect all adults

    Be kind to your classmates

    Have a positive attitude

    Treat others the way you want to be treated

    Encourage others

    Use kind words

    Take care of books and equipment

    Go to desktop/shutdown computers

    Leave your work area neat and tidy

    Be polite to all office staff

    Use kind words

    Leave area neat and tidy

    Refrain from interrupting adults who are working

    Use appropriate words

    Be kind to others

    Be a model student

    Report problems to bus driver

    Help others to be respectful

    Use Coyote Clap only

    Walk quietly

    Respect learning time

    Be a model Student