• The staff at Global Learning Charter School (GLC) are knowledgable, skilled, and commited to making our school the very best that it can be. Read our staff bios below to learn more!

  • Teachers by Grade Level


    Hannah Alvarado    Ms. Alvarado - Grade TK/K Teacher

     This is Mrs. Alvarado’s third year with Visalia Unified School District. After completing her Associates Degree, she took some time off of her own education, and worked full-time in retail and the medical field. She realized that when she was unable to coach students, she longed to be back, leading her to go back to school to become a teacher. By being back around students, she knows that her heart is where she is meant to be! Besides being on campus, Mrs. Alvarado enjoys spending time with her husband and son, and playing soccer on the weekend.


    Katy Weaver   Ms. Weaver - Grade TK/K Teacher

    Ms. Weaver is very excited to be a part of the GLC family! She grew up in Visalia, attending Crestwood, La Joya, and El Diamante where she graduated in 2009. Ms. Weaver attended CSU Stanislaus where she received her B.A. in Liberal Studies. After taking two years off to nanny, she went back to Fresno Pacific University to obtain her teaching credential. This is Ms. Weaver’s third year with VUSD. Her favorite thing about working with the kids is seeing the smile on their face when they learn something new! When Ms. Weaver is not in the classroom, she enjoys spending time with her family, camping, and going to her favorite place…the beach!


    Dominique Biello   Ms. Biello - Grade 1/2 Teacher

    Miss Biello was born and raised in San Diego, California. She attended UC Santa Cruz and earned her B.A. in Latin American and Latino Studies. Miss Biello studied abroad in Santiago, Chile becoming fluent in Spanish. Miss Biello loves Latin American cultures and has traveled throughout many countries in South America. After college, she returned to Chile and taught English to teenagers and adults for a year. Miss Biello earned her Multiple Subject (BCLAD) and Education Specialist teaching credentials from San Diego State University and an M.A. in Special Education from Fresno State. She began her teaching career in 5th grade, but soon transitioned to teaching special education at the high school level. She loves working with younger students who are energetic and make her laugh every day. Overall, she loves teaching because it is rewarding to see students grow in all aspects of their learning. She truly believes in the idea of being a life long learner! She is specifically interested in teacher education related to teachers' preparation to work with students with high-incidence disabilities and maintains a website portal that provides teachers with resources to work with special populations. While Miss Biello is not working with her amazing GLC 1/2 students or on her website, she enjoys cuddling with her dog, Toby, working in her garden, traveling, hiking, listening to music on her record player, and singing!


    Kelly MERLO   Ms. Merlo - Grade 1/2 Teacher

    Mrs. Kelly Merlo has deep roots in the Central Valley. She was born and raised in Fresno and graduated from CSU Fresno with a Liberal Arts degree and teaching credential. She has been married for many years, has two adult children, two dogs and four grandchildren. Transfers due to her husband’s job provided Ms. Merlo with rich and varied experiences in school districts in Southern California and Colorado. She has taught in various settings from kindergarten to 8th grade, including service as a Special Education Resource Specialist and Reading Specialist. Her passion is helping students become readers, as she has seen how lives are transformed through reading. Ms. Merlo has also worked as a BTSA district coordinator and university program mentor. This work has given her a unique understanding of the complex educational challenges and solutions that are required of all 21st Century educators. She is very excited to return to working with children and hopes to utilize her past experiences and knowledge to serve all GLC students, parents and community members.


    Laura Mohs   Ms. Mohs - Grade 1/2 Teacher

    Ms. Mohs is excited to be part of GLC.  She was happy to be part of its formation, serving as a member of the charter development committee.  Ms. Mohs has been an educator since 1991 and has been part of Visalia Unified since 1996.  She received her B.A. from the University of San Francisco, her teaching credential from Fresno Pacific, and her M.A. from Fresno State.  She loves all aspects of teaching young learners, but has a special place in her heart for ensuring that all students learn math with understanding.  She is delighted to say she has learned as much about math from her students as they have learned from her.  In her life away from school, Ms. Mohs enjoys spending time with family and friends, reading, nature photography, and spending time in Cambria, CA.


    Melissa Walker   Ms. Walker - Grade 1/2 Teacher

    Ms. Walker completed her undergraduate degree at California Lutheran University in Interdisciplinary Educational Studies, with a minor in biology. During this time she was also a leading member of the honors string ensemble as a violinist, as well as the symphony, and sat as concertmaster of the symphony. She has also served at nonprofit organizations in South Africa: assisting in building children’s programs, offering tutoring, and promoting literacy at various schools. She completed her teaching credential at Cal Lutheran, and later chose to leave Ventura County to become a member of the Global Learning Charter Community, where she is currently working as a first and second grade teacher.


    Melisa Duarte   Ms. Duarte - Grade 3/4 Teacher

    Mrs. Duarte joined the Global Learning Charter School team in 2018-19. She has been teaching since 2010, including a charter school with a Hmong language emphasis and most recently as a 2nd grade teacher. Ms. Duarte received her B.A. at the University of California, Davis, her teaching credential at California State University, Sacramento, and holds a Master’s Degree in Educational Technology. She is looking forward to using her skills, along with her passion and enthusiasm for teaching, to provide a positive experience to all her students and school community. Mrs. Duarte enjoys drawing, arts and crafts, traveling, and cooking with her husband and three daughters.


    Kevin Lurz   Mr. Lurz - Grade 3/4 Teacher

    Mr. Lurz is pretty stoked to participate in Global Learning Charter School’s vision to bring an engaging and personalized classroom experience to Visalia’s students. Raised on a very small farm in Lemon Cove, Mr. Lurz attended the University of California, Los Angeles where he earned a B.A. in History. With his wife, he owned and operated an import business dealing in furniture and other goods from India and East Asia. He has worked in education full-time since 2001 and has taught in a variety of capacities, grades and subjects, including an English language program for Southwest University in the People’s Republic of China. Although he enjoys working with all sorts of students, his favorite grades are 3rd and 4th. In his free time Mr. Lurz enjoys reading, backpacking, writing all sorts of fiction and non-fiction, playing music, miniature wargaming, and hitting the open road to explore America.


    Erin Quinn   Ms. Quinn - Grade 3/4 Teacher

    Mrs. Quinn has been with Visalia Unified since 2008.  She began at Visalia Unified as an instructional aide and decided to go back to school to pursue becoming a teacher.  Mrs. Quinn taught at Ivanhoe and Royal Oaks Elementary before joining the GLC family.  Mrs. Quinn received her undergraduate degree and teaching credential from Fresno Pacific.  She also has a preliminary administration credential and is working toward earning a Master´s Degree in Administration this spring.  Mrs. Quinn loves coming to work every day because she is passionate about her students, helping them grow towards meeting their academic goals and becoming even better people, which will impact everyone they come into contact with.  Mrs. Quinn loves spending time with her husband, three sons and daughter-in-law, whether it be hiking, playing games, or simply watching TV.  Mrs Quinn considers herself beyond blessed in every aspect of her life. 


    Danny Quinn   Mr. Quinn - Grade 3/4 Teacher

    Mr. Quinn is very excited to be apart of the GLC family. He enjoys learning new ways to help students be creative and innovative. Mr. Quinn enjoys spending his free time with his wife, 3 sons, and daughter-in-law. Some of his hobbies include playing the piano, playing chess, and gardening.


    Ms. Carter Ms.Carter - Grade 5/6 Teacher 

    Ms. Carter has a Master’s Degree in Educational Leadership and has been an educator since 2003. She moved to Visalia in the summer of 2019 after living and teaching in the San Francisco Bay Area. Along with classroom teaching, she also served as an Academic Coach and Assistant Principal in Hayward, CA. Before deciding to become a teacher, she was a Visual Effects Producer in San Francisco after graduating from San Francisco State University with a Bachelor’s Degree in Broadcasting and Communications. She believes in the power of youth voice, and the importance of building confidence and leadership skills in our youth, so they can thrive in their communities and affect positive change. She has a passion for mathematics, sports, photography, music, and she loves to make people laugh. She is excited to be a part of the GLC team!


    Josue Duarte   Mr. Duarte - Grade 5/6 Teacher

    Mr. Duarte has been teaching for eight years and has taught 3rd, 6th, 7th, and most recently 8th grade. He has worked in several teaching/instructor capacities within schools and the private industry. A graduate of California State University, Fresno, and with a Master’s Degree in Educational and Instructional Technology, Mr. Duarte brings a variety of skills with students representing diverse backgrounds and experiences. Mr. Duarte enjoys art, carpentry, traveling, fishing, camping, and spending time with his family.


    Lana Ojeda    Ms. Ojeda - Grade 5/6 Teacher

    Ms. Ojeda is ecstatic to be a part of the GLC team! She is a Central Valley girl, but lived in Hawaii and Delaware as an adult for 6 years. She worked as a Program Manager for non-profits for many years before deciding to become a teacher. She managed programs for AmeriCorps and 4-H. She graduated in 2011 with her Master’s in Elementary Education and worked for Fresno Unified as a fifth grade teacher. This is her first year teaching in Visalia. Ms. Ojeda loves spending time with her family.  She has 2 children and quite a few pets. She also loves to read, garden, and crochet. Oh yes, and she loves to learn!


    Laurie Robertson   Ms. Robinson - Grade 5/6 Teacher

    Ms. Robinson has been with VUSD for 20 years.  She has spent the greater part of her career in 6th grade, but has taught 2nd through 5th grades as well.  Ms. Robinson received her undergraduate degree at Fresno State and her teaching credential and masters in math education at Fresno Pacific.  She also holds a minor degree in linguistics.  Ms. Robinson is a life long learner and currently serves on the Central Valley Network Improvement Committee for Tulare County.  She still loves spending her days with her students and getting them fired up about the endless possibilities a good education will provide them.  Ms. Robinson and her husband, Kelly, have been married for 33 years, have 2 beautiful daughters, and 3 of the cutest grandkids ever.  She enjoys traveling, cooking, reading and most importantly, spending time with her family.


    Tim Haston   Mr. Haston - Grade 7/8 Teacher

    Mr. Haston is in his 14th year of teaching.  He comes from Earlimart School District as a 7th grade Math and Science teacher, a district Instructional Technology coach, and a Middle School Math Coach.  He is involved with Central Valley Computer Using Educators as a presenter and participant, and is Level 2 Google Certified Educator. Mr. Haston Grew up in Dinuba, California, and spent time cleaning offices with his dad, and packing fruit in the summers.  Mr. Haston is a proud father of three, and looks forward to sharing his Visalia Unified experience with his students and family.


    Jennifer Morones   Ms.Morones - Grade 7/8 Teacher

    Born and raised in Houston, Texas, Ms. Morones grew up wanting to be a teacher for as long as she could remember. Having struggled through school all her life, it brings her immense joy to help others persevere and find success. Through hard work, she changed the trajectory of her family tree and became the first person in her family to go to college. She is a seasoned teacher who has had the privilege of teaching in diverse settings and schools. She is high- energy, firm, and equipped with a sense of humor. Helping others direct their family tree toward growth and positive change is her passion.


    Amy Downs   Ms. Downs - Grade 7/8 Teacher

    Mrs. Downs loves being a part of the GLC staff.  She has been working in education for the last 23 years. Her undergraduate work in Liberal Studies was completed at Cal Poly, San Luis Obispo.  She holds a M.A. in Curriculum & Instruction from Cal State Bakersfield and a M.A. in Elementary Mathematics from Fresno Pacific University.  Mrs. Downs is also a Google Level 1 Educator and was a 2017 LeRoy Finkel Fellowship Finalist. Visalia Unified named her Teacher of the Year & she was also recognized at the Tulare County Excellence in Education Awards for 2017.  In her free time, she enjoys spending time in the mountains with her family & she loves photographing flowers, especially daffodils and tulips!


    Ms. Olivarez  Ms. Olivarez - Spanish Teacher 

    Ms. Olivarez is making her teaching debut with GLC this school year. She graduated from Fresno State where she obtained her B.A. in Spanish. She is a native to the area and is beyond excited for this opportunity to serve the area she grew up in. Ms. Olivarez has a profound love for the Spanish language and looks forward to sharing this love for the language with her students. Through Spanish, she wishes to open endless opportunities for her students. Ms. Olivarez enjoys learning, traveling, meeting new people, and spending time with her family.


    Dolores Collins   Ms. Collins - Education Specialist

    Ms. Collins is a native of Visalia. She earned her B.S. degree in Family Studies and Gerontology from Southern Nazarene University. She earned her credentials in mild to moderate Special Education from University of Oklahoma and Bradman University. Ms. Collins has been teaching with VUSD since 2017. Prior to VUSD, she taught at Moore Public Schools in Oklahoma. Her work has primarily been specializing in working in an all-day classroom setting with students with Autism and students who struggle with social emotional behaviors. Ms. Collins looks forward to learning new things during her time with GLC.


    Administration and Front Office Staff


    Ms. Aure  Dr. Aure - Principal

    Ms. Aure has been a part of GLC since its inception in spring of 2015. She facilitated the charter development meetings in 2016 and was honored to be named principal in 2017. She has been with the Visalia Unified School District for 4 years and in education for 25 years. Following her first year as a teacher in Pixley, Ms. Aure taught overseas before earning a doctorate in Educational Leadership from UC Los Angeles. In addition to serving as an elementary teacher, Ms. Aure served as faculty-lead for a teacher credential and masters program and as Director of Research and Evaluation at Lindsay Unified School District. Ms. Aure is passionate about her work because she knows education is foundational to individuals' success and essential to creating a more equitable, sustainable, and peaceful world!


    Herman Villarreal   Mr. Villarreal - Assistant Principal

    Mr. Villarreal is honored to be a part of an exceptional team of educators and professionals at Global Learning Charter School.  Mr. Villarreal started his adventure in the education field at the Junior High level in 1995, teaching English as a second language to English Learners from all over the world.  His love and enthusiasm for education and being an instrumental part of each student’s educational career is a passion of his.  Mr. Villarreal whole-heartedly believes that “Education is a dream worth fighting for and one of the most rewarding accomplishments.”  During his free time, he enjoys spending time with family, traveling, cooking, coaching youth soccer, and playing soccer. 


    Jill Dinkins   Ms. Dinkins - Secretary

    Ms. Dinkins has been an elementary school secretary with VUSD for the past 16 years.  She previously worked at Ivanhoe School and Hurley School.  Ms. Dinkins is very excited to be a part of the GLC team!  She loves working in a school office, and enjoys interacting with and encouraging students.  She feels that a kind and caring office environment is a great suppport to students, parents, and staff.  Ms. Dinkins graduated from Fresno Pacific with her B.A. in social work.  Prior to working for VUSD, Ms. Dinkins worked in various secretarial capacities in both the U.S. and in London, England.  Ms. Dinkins enjoys reading and swimming, and loves spending time with her four older children and new granddaughter!

    Support Staff


    Miguel Hernandez   Mr. Hernandez - Custodian


    melinda Holland   Ms. Holland - General Activities Aide

    This is Ms. Holland's first year as a staff member at GLC.  Ms. Holland assisted GLC in several volunteer capacities last year and worked as a chairperson for our World's Fair. Ms. Holland was born and raised in Fresno, where she attended Clovis Unified School District.  As a teenager, her family moved to Merced, where she met her husband of 22 years. They also have two children, who also attand GLC.  And two dogs. She loves to cook, travel, teach her children to experience life at the fullest, and just hang out with family.  You can always find her either at her favorite places at the beach or at any farmer's market.
    Ms. Holland brings a "world" of experience to our team, with 6 years in the food business and 9 years in the medical field.  She cannot wait what new adventures will bring at GLC.  Either way, working with a great team or working with students, it is a win-win!!


    Kathy Price   Ms. Price - Library Media Technician

    Mrs. Price has been with Visalia Unified for 33 years.  She was an instructional aide at Crestwood for 5 years.  She worked at Fairview for 25 years as an instructional computer lab aide and as the school's computer tech.  She is now GLC's librarian and loves her new job.  Mrs. Price went to Fresno State where she majored in math and education.  She loves to travel with her family, go to dinner and a movie with her friends, camp (RV style), read, cook, paint and learn something new.  Mrs. Price has a son, David, who lives in Folsom with his wife and works at Intel.  Her daughter, Sandra, lives in Visalia with her husband and 3 children.  Her family is the center of her life and she feels very blessed. 

     VUSD Pre-School Staff


     Marissa Torres   Ms. Torres - Pre-School Teacher


    TCOE Staff


    Sally Battenfield   Ms. Battenfield - CSDC Teacher

    My name is Sally Battenfield and I was born and raised in Exeter, California.  This is my 6th year as a teacher for students with moderate to severe disabilities.  I graduated from CSUB in 2011 with my B.A. in Liberal Studies and in 2016 with my M.A. in Special Education.   Being a teacher to children with special needs has been a joyous and rewarding job.  I’m privileged to be in my students' lives and be their pathway to education.  This is my second year on the GLCS campus (formerly Fairview).  Before coming to Tulare County I was an Education Specialist for Greenfield School District in Bakersfield, California.  During my free time, I enjoy spending time with my family.  I have been married to my husband for 9 years and we have two wonderful children:  Parker and Claire.  I love this campus and the accepting nature of the students and staff alike.


    Jason Bouwer   Mr. Brouwer - CSDC Teacher


    Jennifer Zaino   Ms. Zaino - CSDC Teacher 


    Alyssa Torres   Ms. Zaino - CSDC Teacher