Attendance Area Boundary

  • New Northwest Area School Boundaries

    Next Meeting - Recommended Board Adoption: September 25, 2018 7:00 p.m. / District Office Board Room

    Visalia Unified School District formed an Attendance Area Boundary Committee in May 2018 to bring recommendations to the Board of Trustees for the elementary school boundaries in the northwest quadrant of the District in anticipation of the newest elementary school opening in August 2019.  The goal of the committee’s work was to create an appropriate attendance area boundary for the new school and in that process balance enrollment at our existing schools and plan for future growth in those schools.

    Task of the Committee:

    • Create new attendance area boundary for the Ferguson/Denton Elementary School to be open for students August 2019
    • Relieve overcrowding at Goshen, Hurley, and Oak Grove
    • Balance enrollment with Willow Glen

    The Board has adopted guiding principles to help in this decision making process. These are not in priority order and it is understood that some conflict and all cannot be achieved, but all should be considered:

    • Consider socioeconomic and English language learner equity in the boundary adjustment process
    • Maintain existing Feeder Patterns - Keep students in existing feeder groups
    • Maintain existing neighborhoods
    • Minimize the number of schools and students impacted by boundary adjustments
    • Consider the transportation costs/student routes to school associated with any boundary adjustment
    • Make adjustments for the long term – Avoid having to redraw boundaries for as long as possible
    • Consider transfer requests to other District schools
    • Minimize changes for families who have been impacted by past boundary adjustments
    • Create an appeal process to allow students to stay at their current school, even if their neighborhood is moved to a new school through the boundary adjustment process

    You can access the interactive boundary map system that shows current boundaries and school locations by clicking here.

    If you have any questions, please contact Robert Gröeber, Assistant Superintendent of Administrative Services, at 559-730-7529 or

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