COS has provided step-by-step instructional videosas well as handouts that can be printed out to assist you in starting/completing your FAFSA application.  It is recommended to get as far as you can on the application, prior to signing on to the workshop.  Please click on the following link to access the COS instructional videos. https://www.cos.edu/en-us/Financial-Aid/Pages/FAFSA-and-Dream-Act-Support.aspx


    Please launch your FAFSA or Dream ACT application through your californiacolleges.edu account.  The link is provided below to launch the application.


Senior Information


    Below is a checklist of items for your Senior Year:

    • ___ Meet with your counselor to evaluate your transcript, discuss letters
      of recommendation, NCAA eligibility, A-G requirements, CCI criteria and college application deadlines.
    • ____  Register to take COS concurrent enrollment or Dual enrollment classes if you have room in your schedule.

    • ____  Pass all your classes with a “C” or better and apply for CSF if you qualify.

    • ____  If you have not yet taken your SAT/ACT, register online by October 1st at www.collegeboard.com or www.act.org.

    • ____  If your college application includes a personal statement, meet with your English teacher to help you proof read the letter.

    • ____  Apply for your PIN for financial aid at www.PIN.ed.gov. You will not be able to apply for financial aid through FAFSA without a PIN.

    • ____  Fill out the FAFSA form starting October 1st.

    • ____  Complete all college applications and send them in by the end of November. Deadlines are different for every school so make sure you know when your deadline is!

    • ____  Fill out a Redwood scholarship application by the beginning of December. Applications are available in the counseling office.

    • ____  Check with your counselor in January to see if you qualify for the Cal Grant.

    • ____  If you plan to attend COS, see you counselor in January to sign up for all the COS workshops in the spring. Redwood and COS work together to provide students with registration workshops, financial aid seminars and placement testing.

    • ____  If you are enrolled in AP classes, sign up for AP Exams that will be administered in May.

    • ____  Once you receive a college acceptance letter, come to the counseling office and put your name on the poster!