• Enrichment for GLC Students by GLC Teachers

    During this period of school closures, our teachers have been working hard to prepare resources and learning activities to support learning at home. To do that, teachers have created a GLC Google Site for distance learning! 

    Distance Learning Enrichment Website

    Click on the grade-span header for general information, including teacher contact information. Check out the drop-down menus with links to additional subpages. These are organized by grade-span and created specifically for GLC students by GLC teachers. The enrichment opportunities provided here are directly related to learning activities and goals that students have been working on in their classes. 

    Remember, at GLC, we NEVER GIVE UP!

  • Supporting Students at Home During School Closure

    March 16, 2020

    Our GLC teachers and staff are working on how to support students and families during this school closure. The VUSD district office is also working on ways to provide academic support to all VUSD students.

    For now, we want to provide parents with access to some of the online resources that students are already using in class. We hope that this will provide students with some regularity and help parents connect with quality programs.

    We recognize that not all families are able to access online resources and we are working on solutions. Please stay tuned! 

    Clever – Our students can access many of the programs they use at school by going to Clever, searching for “Global Learning Charter School”, and using their school login credentials.


    Lexia Core 5 – Lexia Core 5 is an online Reading program that is available from home. We have purchased a whole-school subscription for grades TK-5. Students can access through Clever. (Gr TK-5)

    Lexia PowerUp – Lexia PowerUp is an online Reading program that is available from home. We have purchased a whole-school subscription for grades 5-8. Students can access through Clever. (Gr 5-8)

    Epic – Epic is a free digital library. Provide your email address to your child’s homeroom teacher to set up an account. Parents will get an invite sent to their email. (Gr K-5)

    Sora – Sora is VUSD’s digital library, including ebooks, audiobooks, and read-alouds. Go to Sora online or download the Sora app on your phone. Students log in with Clever or their VUSD Google account. (Gr K-8)


    IXL Math – IXL is an online learning program. Our grade 1/2 classes each have a classroom subscription for Math. For these students, login information is available from your child’s homeroom teacher.

    Khan AcademyKhan Academy is an online program that offers free online courses, lessons, and practice. Most of our grade 5-8 classes use it for Math support. Your child can login with their VUSD Google account. (Gr 5-8)

    Prodigy – Some of our Gr K-6 classes use Prodigy on occasion. Your child can login with their VUSD Google account. (Gr K-6)


    Mystery Science – Our grade K-5 classes use Mystery Science as a Science compliment. Mystery Science has made much of their material available to parents for free.


    NewselaNewsela is an online program that has high-interest news and current events written for students at multiple reading levels. Students can log in through Clever or with their VUSD Google account.

    For more information, please reach out to your child’s teacher. Teacher emails are available from the GLC Staff Directory on the GLC homepage.

  • The Importance of Reading 20 Minutes a Day

    At GLC, we ask that all students read a minimum of 20 minutes per day. For younger students, this may include being read to by an adult. Research backs up the critical role of regular, daily reading to ensure students become proficient readers.

    Neuroscientist, Sally Shaywitz, provides powerful statistics regarding the benefits of reading 20 minutes per day. A student who reads 20 minutes a day will read a total of 3600 minutes in a school year, where as a student who reads 5 minutes a day will read just 900 minutes a year. These same students will be exposed to 1,800,000 or just 282,000 words, respectively, over a year. Just a few minutes a day can lead to a difference of over a million words!

    And what does this mean for reading proficiency? Students who read 20 minutes a day are more likely to perform at the 90th percentile, while students reading just one minute a day will more likely perform in the 10th percentile.

    Reading 20 minutes per day takes commitment, but the benefits are strikingly clear. Our children are worth 20 minutes a day!

    ("The Case for Reading 20 Minutes a Day." Fairhill School and Diagnostic Assessment Center, 27 June 2016)

    Students reading in Ms. Mohs' class