2019 - 2020

GLC Book Club

  • Who: Grades 5-8. Led by Ms. Ojeda.

    When: 1 x month

    The Book Club meets monthly to discuss a common book that students all read prior to the meeting. Students discuss their likes, dislikes, and opinions regarding the book. At the end of each meeting, the group selects a book (or two!) to read for the next meeting.

2018 - 2019

Run Club

  • Who: Grades 4-6. Led by Coach Hyde.

    When: March 2019, six sessions

    Run Club consists of stretching and strength conditioning as well as running. The club meets on Tuesdays and Wednesdays leading up to track season! Tuesday we will run distance and Wednesdays we will run sprints. Volunteer Parent and Track coach Stacy Hyde will be leading the Run Club.

Microscopy Club

  • Who: Grades 5-7. Led by Ms. Downs.

    When: Dec 2018/Jan 2019, six weeks

    Students investigate the microscopic world using Foldscopes, a paper microscope! Goals and activities include:

    • learning about #CitizenScience while exploring an invasive species the size of a grain of rice
    • making slides
    • checking out what lives in moss and pond water
    • looking at insect wings
    • examining cools stuff that is really, really small
    • creating media to share as a product of their learning
    • becoming an explorer of curiosity!

Google CS First Coding Club

  • Who: For girls in grades 5-7. Led by Ms. Robinson.

    When: Dec 2018, seven meetings

    Students use computer science to tell fun and interactive stories! Students watch a series of videos and create a coding project with opportunities to personalize their work using "add-ons", mini coding challenges built on top of the core projects.

Spanish Club

  • Who: For students in grades 1-7. Led by Ms. Sanchez.

    When: Oct/Dec 2018, six weeks

    A key global competency is to be able to communicate in other languages. All students at GLC receive Spanish instruction at a minimum of 90 minutes per week. Ms. Sanchez started the Spanish Club to provide students an opportunity to practice and further improve their Spanish through small group or one-on-one tutoring activities.

Recycling Club

  • Who: For students in grades 3-7. Led by Ms. Del Villar.

    When: Oct/Nov 2018, six weeks

    Recycling is removing materials from the waste stream and putting them to new uses. By adopting a recycling program, a school not only removes materials from the waste stream, but can also:

    • reduce disposal costs,
    • save valuable landfill space,
    • conserve natural resources,
    • provide students educational opportunities, and
    • empower students with the knowledge that their actions CAN make a difference!

    Led by Ms. Del Villar, students in the Recycling Club learn how to have a positive impact on the world in which we live!

Musical Theater - Alice in Wonderland

  • Who: For students in grades 1-7. Led by Ms. Adrienne Terry.

    When: Oct 2018, nine sessions

    This 2-week intensive course meets for two hours each day. On the final day, students perform for the whole school during two day-time performances. That same evening, theater participants perform for families during their final evening performances. Students learn acting, dancing, singing, production, and risk-taking!

    This opportunity was made possible for our students in partnership with GLC's awesome PTSA.

Garden Club

  • Who: For students in grades 5-7. Led by Ms. Ojeda

    When: Oct 2018, six sessions

    Students in the garden club use our newly created garden to learn more about nature as well as how to grow and harvest their own food.  They also learn about soil, bugs, and flowers and how they can be beneficial to the garden.  

Innovators' Club and Cardboard Challenge

  • Who: For students in grades 5-7. Led by Mr. Duarte and Ms. Robinson.

    When: Sept/Oct 2018, nine sessions

    The Innovator's Club introduces students to important design principles transferrable to almost any project. Students then work in teams to design, build, and share their projects made from cardboard and minimal other materials. Projects are consistent with those produced as part of the global movement called the Cardboard Challenge.