Saturday Academy - Attendance Recovery Program


    • Saturday Academy is a unique opportunity for students to make up missed days of school. The Saturday sessions are designed to meet the needs of the students. A variety of different activities may be offered, for example, project-based learning, technology, art, STEM, or enrichment opportunities. Students may also have the opportunity to complete and/or make-up missed assignment.
    • Any excused or unexcused FULL DAY absence can be cleared. Suspension is the only absence that cannot be cleared. Tardies and “Early Out” cannot be cleared by attending Saturday Academy sessions. 
    • Although it is not required for students to attend, it is a great chance for the to receive additional instruction, improve their attendance record and the attendance percentages of their school site. 
    • One full day absence is cleared by attending one session. This will help helps maintain the 94% attendance for graduation.
    • Students attending Saturday Academy must meet in the school cafeteria by 8:00 AM.


    Please email Miss.Hurtado with further questions at