Our Mission and Vision

  • The mission of Charter Home School Academy is to provide a positive alternative for parents who want to meet a child’s needs by participating in their child’s education at home. Charter Home School Academy is based on the belief that each student can succeed and deserves an education that is rigorous and well defined. We believe that success breeds success and that we can control the conditions of success by creating an environment where academic success is personalized and achievable for all children. Parents, working with credentialed teachers, prepare, monitor, and implement programs that enrich, challenge, and inspire students to embrace personalized academic success.

    Primary goals of our program are:

    • To provide a viable option for students and parents needing an alternative educational program due to various personal needs: health issues, safety concerns, learning disabilities, cultural and/or philosophical concerns.
    • To individualize and pace instruction in order to achieve measurable student growth on the California Core State Standards.
    • To prepare students for a successful return to traditional school sites if desired.



Founding Group

  • Parents, educators, and the Visalia Unified School District established Charter Home School Academy (CHSA) in 1998 in order to offer families in our area an educationally sound kindergarten through eighth grade educational program.  Currently, CHSA occupies the former YMCA site in Visalia, California. As a VUSD sponsored charter school, the Academy is supported by the resources and administrative policies of VUSD in guiding parents and students. VUSD administrative leadership and certificated teachers offer professional training to participating families in order to facilitate the students’ educational program.