Admission Requirements

  • Interested in Enrolling?  Enrolling in CHSA is quick and easy!

    Starting the process is as easy as calling us at 559-622-3273 or coming into our school office to set up an enrollment appointment. 


    Enrollment appointment - What to bring?

    • Immunization records for each child enrolling
    • Physical for Kindergarten and 7th grade students
    • Birth certificate for each child.


    What to expect?

    • You should plan for your appointment to take approximately 1 hour
    • A tour of our facility
    •  An explanation of program procedures and routines
    •  Signing the Master Agreement to ensure placement in our program
    •  Receive your school calendar 
    •  Expect a call from your Master Teacher within a week of your enrollment


    Admission statement:

    The Charter Home School Academy will actively recruit a diverse student population from those families in the district and surrounding areas who understand and value the school’s mission and are committed to the school’s instructional and operational philosophy.  Admission to the school shall be open to any resident of Tulare County or any adjacent county. Prospective parents or guardians and students will be briefed regarding the school’s instruction and operational philosophy and will be informed of the school’s student-related and parent-related policies.  Parents, students and teachers sign a Master Agreement that outlines the responsibilities of each party. CHSA will establish an annual recruiting and admissions cycle, which shall include time for outreach to the community, an admissions application period, an admissions lottery if necessary, and enrollment.  The school will fill vacancies or openings that become available after this process using either a waiting list or any other non-discriminatory process. In the event that the number of students seeking admission to any grade or class exceeds capacity, the school shall have the right to grant priority in admissions to siblings of current students, children of staff, and residents of the charter-granting district or county.