• CoVitality Screening

    • Our school district is committed to the social and emotional health of our students. This year, all of our 4-12 grade classes will be participating in a brief universal screening survey to help measure our students’ social and emotional strengths and challenges. All students who agree to participate will complete a short 10-15 minute survey during regularly scheduled school activities in October and November 2019 and again in March-April 2020. A copy of the survey question is available below. 

      Assessing the social and emotional functioning of children and adolescents helps to promote student success. Academic difficulties, along with challenges associated with developing and maintaining positive relationships with others, can be related to underlying social and emotional factors. When identified early, difficulties can be addressed before negatively affecting children and adolescents.

      Your child does not have to participate. Participation in the survey is voluntary and opting out will not impact your child’s academic status or access to services. Prior to taking the survey, all students will be informed that their participation is voluntary and that opting out will in no way impact their standing at school. All information collected will be kept confidential in accordance with FERPA privacy guidelines. You may request a copy of your child’s survey results by directly contacting your student’s school office.

      The school administration at your child’s school will receive the results of the survey. If your child responds to the survey in a way that indicates a possible risk for behavioral, emotional, or social challenges, designated school staff will follow up with your child accordingly. The administrative team will then determine if your child would be interested in, and/or benefit from additional support services to help him/her progress as an important and engaged member of our school community. You will be informed before any further assessments, interventions, or services are conducted or implemented.

      If you do not want your child to complete the survey, please send the bottom portion of the letter that was mailed to your home back to your child’s school. Your child’s participation in the survey will signal to us your acceptance for your child to participate in the school’s social-emotional screening process.  You may have your child withdraw participation at any time. If you have additional questions regarding the screening program, please contact your site administration and/or school psychologist.