• Here are items shared with us by Redwood High School staff, for current 8th graders to apply for 9th grade and for 9th grade special programs for 2022-23.  Some items may be the copy from 2021-22, so be sure to check all the documents and dates.  If you have any questions, please contact the Redwood HS office at 559-730-7367.


    1. Here is the general registration packet for students attending Redwood HSWe are told that this will be mailed home to students, too, by Redwood HS staff.
    2. Are you interested in being a part of the Redwood High School Student Leadership Program? If so, please check out the information video, and application.  Also contact RHS teacher Hailey Aston at haston@vusd.org for more info.
    3. Redwood will be conducting auditions for dance via video submission.  Students without ability to submit video will need to email ebardonnex@vusd.org  and mlapp@vusd.org for an alternate audition plan (which will be provided). Introduction to Dance is the best option for most 8th graders, although there are some 8th graders with a higher skill level.  In order to accommodate all students Redwood is offering this opportunity. 


      Click here to access the audition packet for Dance Force, the hip hop audition information, and the intermediate and advanced dance audition packet.  Also contact RHS teacher Michele Lapp at mlapp@vusd.org for more info.

      Courses offered:

      Introduction To Dance (no need to audition - sign up with counselor)

      Intermediate Dance (audition needed)

      Advanced Dance (audition needed)

      Dance Force/Dance Team (audition needed)

      Hip Hop (audition needed)

      *International Dance - not available to 8th graders.

      Redwood will be putting information on the school homepage.

    4. AVID: Interested in going to college, and need a little extra support?  AVID is a great elective that helps students stay organized, develop study skills, learn about colleges and the application process, and receive in-class tutoring in high school.  Click here for the application.
      1. https://docs.google.com/forms/d/e/1FAIpQLSdScmJhJlSl-4z8fzmNXIuCDqsB6Vg64ZWJX9nf92GwVwWG7A/viewform