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    What is Clever?

    When your student is at school, Clever is the portal they use every day. Now they can use it at home too.


    Online learning

    By entering a single username and passwordyour student is immersed in learning with programs from their school district and teachers.


    Student portal

    Connecting children to online programs is easier with Clever. With their own personal portals, students can find the digital resources they need for school in one, central place.


    Kid-friendly logins

    Just like with adults, remembering multiple usernames and passwords can be tricky for students. With Clever SSO, one username and password is your student’s key to learning with any app, on any device.


    Clever Badges

    Some districts send students home with Clever Badges. In fact, 13% of K-2 students in the U.S. log in to Clever with one quick scan of a badge. It’s a fast, fun way for students to log in to Clever, no typing necessary.


    Your student is among 15 million using Clever

    More than 60% of U.S. K–12 schools use Clever, including 95 of the largest 100 districts. That’s 15 million students logging in with Clever monthly across all 50 states.