• Students and Parents,

    For the 2020-2021 School Year, VUSD has adopted Schoology as our web-based learning management system (LMS).  Schoology is also an online gradebook with the ability to create assessments and rubrics and keep track of student performance. Teachers can engage students in rigorous tasks, assessments, and discussions using teacher-designed and uploaded curriculum. It's a perfect platform for skill extension, content scaffolding, and time management. Teachers provide quick feedback and communication to students and parents and keep track of student progress using badges, a gradebook, email/app notifications, and workload monitoring. With thoughtful implementation and consistent use, students and teachers will be able to upload, create, collaborate, and check progress with relative ease.

    Please click on the links below to view and print out a step by step handout and watch an instructional video on how to access your Schoology account. Addtionally, watch the Getting Started on Zoom video to prepare yourself for the first day of school.  


    Getting Started on Schoology

    Schoology Instructional Video

    Getting Started on Zoom




    Are you having trouble with Zoom? Please follow steps below and watch video.


    Students will need to ensure that they are logged into Zoom with their vusd.us Google Account. Some students have been receiving some error messages when they attempt to join a Zoom session. They must log into their web browser prior to joining the meeting at zoom.com or zoom.us.

    A video tutorial for students can be found here: Logging into Zoom for Students


    • If you get the error message you need to:

    • Leave the meeting.

    • Open up a new Tab and go to Zoom.us.

    • Click Log in.

    • Select Sign in with Google

    • It will open up Zoom

    • You can then exit out

    • Go back to your teacher’s Zoom link and it should work now