• 10/15


    Bronco Family,

    We are excited to share we have two School Counselors serving Valley Oak Middle School. Both School Counselors were born and raised in the central valley. We are passionate about working with students and supporting them through the three realms: Academics, Social & Emotional wellness, as well as College and Career Exploration; to help students achieve their fullest potential. We whole heartedly believe every student can be successful and look forward to working closely with students, parents, and teachers to accomplish this. 


    Request a counseling session with your School Counselor: Click Here! 


    8th Grade School Counselor: Ms. Ramos 

    Bachelors: Sociology and Spanish Language & Literature; University of California Los Angeles

    Masters: School Counseling & PPS Credential; CSU Bakersfield

    Email: dramosleon@vusd.org



    7th Grade School Counselor: Ms. Rodriguez 

    Bachelors: Child and Adolescent Development; San Jose State University

    Masters: Counseling & PPS Credential; University of San Diego

    Email: jrodriguezesparza@vusd.org