• COVID-19 Vaccination Clinic

    Free, safe, and effective COVID-19 vaccines are now available for children ages 5 and up!

    Vaccinating your children limits disruptions to their learning. Fully vaccinated students may remain in school and avoid interruptions to in-person education, even if they are exposed to someone with COVID-19, so long as they remain without symptoms.

    On Thursday (1/17) from 2:00-7:00 p.m., Global Learning Charter School will be hosting a 2nd free COVID-19 vaccination event for students and families.

    This event is a great opportunity to ensure your child and family is protected against COVID-19. Get your whole family vaccinated, complete your series, or get a booster dose (for eligible individuals).

    Parent/guardian consent is required. Please complete registration online or by phone in advance.



    Ages 5-11: https://myturn.ca.gov/?config=50617ee0-c88b-42d1-83b6-87d5f0acad5c

    Ages 12+: https://myturn.ca.gov?config=a703c107-9915-4e5c-8141-6840260dc82c


    Ages 5-11: https://myturn.ca.gov?config=43c8ff91-ee1d-41a6-b521-7d5bfaa25bd9

    Ages 12+: https://myturn.ca.gov?config=f031f668-c218-4b09-b02d-e576c5de0ad6


    Advance registration can be done in multiple languages by calling the COVID-19 hotline at 833-422-4255. You will need the name of your school for this option.

    Health and Safety Guidance

    Health and Safety

    • Masking is required for all staff and students when indoors, regardless of vaccination. Masks are not required for staff or students when outdoors. However, staff or students may wear masks outdoors, if preferred. Individual accommodations for masking may be requested. No physical distancing is required indoors or outdoors, except when eating. Staff and students should practice healthy hand hygiene (hand-washing and sanitizing).

    Cleaning and Sanitation

    • Hand sanitizer will continue to be provided and student restrooms are cleaned regularly. Playground structures are open to students and are cleaned between the morning and lunch recesses. Classrooms are cleaned daily after school.

    Nutritional Services 

    • Student seating has been modified during meals. Students are physically distanced and staggered so they are not directly across from each other. Hot meals will be served by the cafeteria, and student helpers will be allowed at lunchtime. Distancing is not required when eating outside. 

    Extra and Co-curricular

    • At this time, in-person events are required to have a COVID plan approved in advance by the District. School-wide assemblies and field trips are permitted.


    • Currently, most parent meetings continue to be held via Zoom. 

    We’ll continue to share updates and extended health and safety guidance as it comes out.