About Our School

  • Mineral King Elementary School

    Core Values

    -        Everyone matters.

    -        Every student has value.

    -        All children can learn.

    -        Positive attitude and a sense of humor are very important.

    -        School needs to be a safe and enjoyable place for everyone.

    -        Family and community are important.

    -        Students need to feel successful in school.

    -        Tomorrow is another day there is always another opportunity.

    -        Learning is power.

    -        You and only you are responsible for your behavior.

    -        Honesty, sincerity, and respect are essential for developing relationships.

    -        All parents love their kids.

    -        Each child is a unique learner.

    -        Time is valuable.

    -        We are all accountable.

    -        Collaboration promotes change which leads to success.