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Beginning/Advanced Computers, Yearbook & AVID 
TYPING SITE:  Typing Club
Yearbook Orders: online orders at Jostens Yearbooks
Yearbook Recognition Ad Order Form 2018-19 (money & pictures due no later than March 15, 2019)
Follow the link for ReplayIt to upload pictures for the Yearbook.
Short (2 min or less) instructional videos:

Microsoft Word

Microsoft Excel

Microsoft PowerPoint

Borders (on Pictures or Shapes)

Borders (on Tables)

Borders (on the page)

Bullets (how to add to document)

ClipArt (how to add to document)

ClipArt (recoloring)


Pictures (how to add to document)

Pictures (how to resize)

Pictures (make it easy to move)

Shapes (how to add to document)

Shapes (how to color)

Tables (how to add to document)

Tables (how to color)

Text (change style, color & size)

Alphabetize (or numerical order)
Cell (height & width adjustments)

Cell Borders (adjust color & style)
Insert/Delete cell, row or column
Merge Cells

Move Cells

Numbering Rows or Columns

Repeat Cells

Selecting Cells

Shading Cells

Text Angle

Text Wrap (to fit in cell)

Animating Objects
Animation Timing

Background (color yourself)

Background Designs

Movies (adjusting inserted movie)

Saving as a Show or Movie

Slide Layout (change)

Slides (adding)

Slideshow Narration

Slideshow Timing

Transition Sounds

Transition Timing

Transitions (between slides)

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