Daily Bulletin

  • Friday Jan. 28th, 2022

    Today is a Regular Bell Schedule


    Good morning Explorers, let’s remember to have La Joya PRIDE in everything we do!





    Show your LJ PRIDE!  Sign up to be an Honor Graduate for La Joya. 

    In order to be an Honor Graduate you must be a CJSF member for 3 of your 4 semesters here at La Joya.  CJSF – California Junior Scholastic Federation is an Honor Society that you must qualify for with your good grades. 

    It is time to sign up!  Make sure to check your points on your semester report card you just received in the mail.  Your English Teachers will explain how the points work to see if you qualify to be a member of this prestigious society. For more information about CJSF, follow the link to the La Joya website.  https://www.vusd.org/domain/3616

    You can bring your report card from last semester and $1 before or after school to Ms. Sayre in room 101 or Mrs. Allen in room 503.  Sign ups will begin on Monday, January 31st and will end on Friday, February 4th





    Students, it is your responsibility to bring your fully charged Chromebook with you every morning to school. 


    Pizza Friday

    Pizza will be sold today during both lunches.  Slices are $2 and bottle water will be sold for $1. Students may purchase up to 2 slices of pizza each.  Please bring exact change to help make the line move more quickly.


    It is very important that you get to school on time.  All students with four or more tardies will be assigned one day of after school detention. Tardies will add up.  The more tardies you have, the more after school detentions you will receive.



    Face Masks

    Masks are the rule at school.  Please wear your face mask indoors and on buses. We will supply cloth masks IF you do not have a mask. You may also bring your own mask from home, if you prefer.  Remember to wash your cloth masks before wearing them again. 


    Cell Phones

    Per Visalia Unified Board policy 5131B:  La Joya is a “free from cell phone zone”. Cell phones are to be put away while in class and on campus.  Proper use of technology is expected. 



    Students, deliveries are NOT allowed.  This includes passing food and/or clothing items through the fence or gate.   Please make sure you have what you need when coming to school.


    Dress Code Reminder  

    The Visalia Unified School District Student Conduct Code for grades 7-12 reads as follows:  Clothes shall be worn as intended and be sufficient to conceal undergarments which shall be worn and covered at all times.  See-through or fish-net fabrics, halter tops, tube tops, off-the shoulder and low-cut tops are not acceptable.  Other types of dress that expose bare midriffs (stomachs) or cleavage are prohibited.  Basketball jersey style tank tops with scooped front, back and armholes are only allowed if worn with a T-shirt with sleeves.  Cell phones must be turned off and out of sight.  Gum is not allowed on campus.


    Campus PRIDE 

    At La Joya, we are very proud of our campus.  Please make sure that any trash goes into the trash cans, and walk only on the cement.  Our amazing groundskeeper works very hard, so let’s show respect and La Joya PRIDE by staying off of the grass.  Gum is not allowed at school.



    Have a Great Day, Explorers!  Remember to be present all day, every day, and to show your La Joya PRIDE with Perseverance, Respect, Integrity, Determination and Etiquette!