2019-2020 7th Grade Registration

  • Dear Future 7th Grade Students, Family and Friends:

    The La Joya teachers, administrative team, and staff are very proud to welcome all 7th graders and their parents to La Joya Middle School this fall!

    The purpose of this planning guide is to help you review the course offerings at La Joya Middle School in order to plan the best possible educational program for your student for the 2019-2020 school year.

    The goal of La Joya Middle School is to offer a strong academic curriculum while paying attention to the individual needs of each student. Our educational program offers a seven-period day for students with a focus on the core academics. The curriculum is designed so each student receives instruction in the five required subjects: English-Language Arts (2 periods), Mathematics, History, Science, and Physical Education. Students are also given the opportunity to select an elective course. Our elective program is a balance of academic interventions and enrichment opportunities based on whether a student meets grade level proficiency in ELA and Math in their 6th grade classes, as well as other indicators.

    The course information that follows briefly describes the required academic classes as well as the electives offered. We ask that parents work with their student in reviewing this guide and completing the registration form.

    If you have any questions regarding your student’s options for the upcoming school year, please call La Joya Middle School at 730-7921.

    Welcome Explorers! We look forward to seeing you and your student in the new school year.


    Travis Hambleton


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