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    Schedule: Mr. Hefner—Rm 601


    1st Period         8:20 - 9:12         Math 7

    2nd Period        9:15 - 10:05       Math 7

    Break               10:05 - 10:13

    3rdPeriod         10:16 - 11:06      Math 7

    4th Period        11:09- 11:59       Prep               

    1st Lunch         11:59 - 12:34  

    5th Period        12:37 - 1:27        Math 7

    6th period        1:30 - 2:20          Math 7

    7th Period        2:23 - 3:13          Math 7 

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            OFFICE HOURS: 3:05 to 3:45  FRIDAY,  7:45 any day or by appointment at your convenience...

    La Joya

    Middle School


    “Exploring Excellence in Academics”


    Mr. Marc Hefner

    7th grade Math 

    Course Syllabus



    Individual plan - A student first receives a verbal warning (one to one discussion) for any violation of rules or procedures. If the behavior continues, he/she will be    referred to a team teacher to complete assignments. Further noncompliance will result in an office referral.


    Open communication is certainly encouraged between school and home, and between teachers and student. I strongly encourage you to share your home e-mail address with me to be included in weekly updates and assignments. E-mail me at & include your child’s name in the subject line.

    Families will also be contacted in any of the following ways:  

         ? Phone Calls                                ? E-mail
         ? Assignment Calendar                  ? Report Cards
         ? Progress Reports                        ? Conferences
         ? Pinnacle Internet Viewer
    You may also call 730–7921 when a return call is needed.


    In order to create a pleasant, safe, and efficient learning environment in our classrooms:

    Students are expected to be on time and ready, willing and able to work during the class period. It is a class expectation that students be prompt, prepared, responsible and respectful. All school rules as stated in the Visalia Unified School District Conduct Code are enforced. No food, drinks, gum or candy will be allowed. Students are expected to respect others and their property. In addition, the following items are to be on the student’s desk daily: agenda, homework, 2 in. binder, DMR spiral, class notes spiral (ok to use a 3 subject spiral), math workbooks, sharpened pencils and a colored pen.


    Grade Calculations – Rubrics/Scoring guides will accompany and/or will be posted so that all students know exactly what is expected to achieve proficiency. True standards-based grading does not involve grade calculations. Students must achieve a rubric score of 3 or higher to meet grade level standards. Proficiency is based on mastery of the content     standards.

    Rubric Score





    Student communicated / demonstrated clear and complete understanding of the concept, skill, or standard




    Student communicated / demonstrated an understanding of the concept, skill, or standard without the depth of an   advanced score




    Student does not fully understand the concept, skill, or standard, but is making progress toward grade level



    Below Basic

    Student shows little or no understanding of concept, skill, or standard

    The Grade—Grades will be based predominantly on assessments. Assessments will include quizzes, classroom projects, and standards based tests. A four-point rubric will be used to evaluate the proficiency level for each standard. Scores of 3 or 4 are proficient - at grade level. A score of a 1 or 2 is not at grade level for the given standard and will need to be improved in order for a student to achieve a passing score. Students should strive to achieve proficiency the first time an assessment is offered. If necessary, assessments may be retaken after attending a     required after-school intervention. Grades will be assigned as follows:

    Performance Level

    Rubric Score Average




    Meets and often exceeds all grade level standards



    Meets grade level standards



    Approaching grade level standards

    Below Basic

    < 2.30

    (Below Proficient) Does not meet grade level proficiency; is in danger of failing

    I E


    (Insufficient Evidence) Has not completed 80% of assessments given during a specific grading period; is in danger of failing

    Parent websites:


    -          V.U.S.D website – (Parent information)


    -          Access to Pinnacle Internet Viewer (Grades)





    -     Homework will not be assigned daily.  Most weekends will not have homework....

    -     Homework should be recorded  in their Assignment Calendar. 

    -     The homework sheet is to be kept in the binder. The sheet along with all assignments will be collected every other week on Friday’s. Losing the homework assignment sheet and not having all of the homework when it is collected will result in no credit. 

    -     All assignments must be completed, ready to be checked in at the BEGINNING OF THE CLASS PERIOD on the day that they are due.

    -     Homework should take about 30 minutes to complete. Missed assignments due to an absence may be made up for full credit. It is the student’s responsibility to ask for work missed on the day he/she returns to school and make it up within a week of the absence. If a student is going to be absent for more than 3 days, his or her parent should call the school to get a list of the assignments that will be missed. 


    Daily Instruction includes a balanced

    approach to mathematics that includes Daily Math Review, Conceptual Units tied directly to identified mathematics standards, embedded Problem Solving, the review of essential Math Facts, and Assessment.

    -          Direct Instruction, Note Taking, Academic Vocabulary and Mathematical Communication

    -          Demonstrations, Modeling, Guided Practice, Peer Practice

    -          Cooperative Learning Group Activities

    -          Differentiated Instruction (Scaffolding, Contextualized, Hands-on Activities)

    -          Daily Math Review, math journals, POW’s

    -          Manipulatives, Calculator Activities, and other sources of Technology

    -          Core Instructional Strategies

    -          Written Explanations of Processes, Procedures, Problems

    POLICIES continued:


    -     Work missed due to unexcused absences is still important to the learning of concepts and processes and is necessary for success on standardized tests and projects.

    -     From time to time, students lose handouts. Extra copies are kept in the classroom for students to pick up an extra copy as needed. If no extra copies remain in the box, it is the student's responsibility to ask the teacher for a second copy.

    -     Being successful in class requires    regular attendance. Students are required to complete assignments missed due to excused absences. Students have the same number of days to make up their work as the number of days in which they were absent. It is a student's responsibility to ask the teacher for the missing assignments as well as for extra help or explanation about the missing work. Students who are absent on the day of a test/quiz must make an appointment with the teacher to take a makeup test/quiz within two days of returning from the absences.

    -     Students have multiple opportunities to achieve grade level standards through the re-teaching and reassessment process. Math department policy requires students to attend a required scheduled   intervention session before retaking an assessment.  Specific policy allows for students to take an assessment up to three times to demonstrate mastery. 


    The books/materials listed below will support student learning and are available in class.

    Required Textbook

    GO MATH, published by Houghton, Mifflin, and Harcourt (2015)

    Online Textbook Available at

    User Name:  ljstudent

    Password: explorers

    Requested Class Materials

         ?   2 in. Binder (shared w/all subjects), Pencils,         Lined paper

         ?   Assignment sheet                                                             Dry Erase Marker 

         ?   MATH only notebook                                         Pencils