•          Welcome to History!     

    My name is Mrs. Briseno, I have been teaching  8th grade U.S. History for 10 years at La Joya.  History focuses on people, ideas, conflict, geography, and events from the past.  In history this year students will think critically, solve problems, relate past events with current events, and work cooperatively with others.  It's going to be a  challenging  and productive year in history!

    Expectations for Students: 

                 Always do your best - Be prepared to work hard - Have a good attitude

     How to be successful in history: 

    1.  Follow the rules of PRIDE. . . prepared, respect, integrity, determination, etiquette

    2.  Everyday  you need to bring a binder and at least 5 pencils

    3.  Complete ALL class work and homework to be prepared for assessments

    4.  Attendance is so important. . .if you're not here, you're not learning!

     My office hours are Thursdays from 3:15 - 4:30.  Be sure to come see me if you are absent, need extra help, or want to find out how to improve your grade.

    Mrs. Amy Briseno


    For student work and assessments, go to Google Classroom:  https://classroom.google.com/h